Beer Company Puts Photos Of Adoptable Dogs On Cans To Help Them Find Homes

Beer is great in and of itself, but beer that gives back to the animals… even better! The beer company Fargo Brewing is on a mission to help dogs who have not yet found their forever home.

Based in North Dakota, Fargo teamed up with a local animal shelter to create super cute beer cans that feature adorable doggos that are available for adoption through the shelter. They are focused on helping dogs who are struggling to find a home.

What could be better than beer and cute puppers? Absolutely nothing!

Fargo just released their new can of Original Lager as part of their partnership with 4 Luv of Dog Rescue.


The cans feature 6 different dogs, all of whom are considered ‘Oneders.’ That’s shelter lingo for dogs who have a harder time getting adopted because their socialization issues make them best suited to a home where they will be the only dog.

Many people looking to adopt a dog already have a dog at home, this makes it much harder to find homes for these sweet pups.

The idea for the collaboration originated with Jerad Ryan, a dog lover who volunteers at the shelter and also works at a company called Northern Plains Label producing beer labels.

“I approached my boss about donating beer can labels to a brewery willing to feature our dogs. He loved the idea. I asked Fargo Brewing if they would be willing to do this for us and they loved it too,” Ryan explained to Food and Wine.

“They have gone above and beyond with donating profits and having an event where the public can come and meet our Oneder dogs, as they don’t get to attend events with the other dogs. The response from the community has already been amazing and heartwarming,” Ryan said.

Here’s a closer look at the 6 dogs gracing Fargo’s beer cans…

Nyx is an 8-year-old Jack Russell terrier

Weighing in at 15 pounds, she requires a fenced-in yard and a loving family where children are at least 7 years old and there are no other pets.

Nyx qualifies for the shelter’s special Seniors for Seniors Program, which pairs dogs 8 and older with senior citizens at a reduced adoption fee.

Learn more about Nyx

Virginia is a lovely 6-year-old pit bull terrier mix

Weighing in at 61 pounds, Virginia is a big girl! As sweet as she may be, she tends to get nervous in new situations and would love to have a human all her own to make her feel safe.

Virginia has allergies and requires special injections every 3 to 4 months.

Learn more about Virginia

“It’s our hope that through this event we can raise a little awareness about these ‘one’derful pooches and hopefully find them homes of their own!” Fargo wrote on Facebook.

Hobie is a 2.5-year-old pit bull terrier mix

Hobie is a young guy looking for someone he can follow all around the house. He requires a fenced-in yard, and a loving family with no children or other pets.

Learn more about Hobie

Bizzy is a 3-year-old boxer mix

At 59 pounds, this spayed female needs a home with no kids and no other pets. She’s sweet as can be though, although she’d prefer a yard and isn’t fit for the apartment life.

Learn more about Bizzy 

Jensen is a 2.5-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier

Moby is 11.5 years old and is a mix between a Pomeranian and a chow

This long-coat senior dog weighs 19 pounds and is a serious cutie-pie! He’d love a soft bed to land in and lots of love.

Learn more about Moby

The limited edition beer cans will be available at Fargo’s brewery as long as supplies last. Hopefully, they help these deserving pups find their furever homes.

Check out all of the dogs available for adoption through 4 Luv of Dog Rescue