Someone Made A Bot Watch Thousands of Hours of Queer Eye And Then Created A Hilarious Script For The Show


What happens if bots take over our jobs as writers? Comedy writer Keaton Patti has been on a mission to find out. He regularly forces bots to watch thousands of hours of TV shows and commercials and then has them write scripts of their own.

From true crime podcasts to Olive Garden commercials, there’s nothing his bots haven’t covered – including Queer Eye!

Queer Eye is an emotional show that highlights the best of masculinity; some would even call it one of the most wholesome shows left on television. Many of us have even shed real tears while watching episodes.

So, how would a robot respond to a show that evokes real human emotions – something a bot could never relate to… or could they?

All we have to say is, Patti’s latest attempt to “botsplain” a Queer Eye script is mighty impressive!

While Patti’s tweet said that his bot watched over 1,000 hours of the show, super fans of Queer Eye are saying that’s not even possible; there are only 27 hours of the show available to watch.

Regardless, the “bot-generated” script is ready for your viewing pleasure – and it’s pure gold.

The Script Reads:

People are loving this bot version of Queer Eye 

Some going as far as to say: “I feel this on a spiritual level”




The official Netflix account even responded on Twitter


Who knows, maybe we will see a live episode featuring this very script?!