Bride Cancels Her Wedding, Then Tells Her Guests That She’s Still Going To Spend The $30K They Donated For It

Think of the worst bridezilla you’ve ever known and then multiply that by 100… that’ll give you an idea as to how angry this bride’s friends and family are with her.

The world caught a glimpse of this delusional brat-bride when Reddit user joyeuxanniversaire1 recently uploaded screenshots of some rather shocking Facebook posts that have since received over 87k upvotes.

It all started when the bride announced to her wedding guests that she would be postponing her wedding, which was scheduled to occur in less than one month. Which might be acceptable, I mean it’s your wedding, but in this case, the bride had already conned her guests into donating $30,000 to put on the wedding.

To make matters worse, she isn’t giving any of the money back. Instead she has plans to spend the money on a honeymoon and “undisclosed personal expenses.” And then, after all of that, they’d start re-saving for an even more extravagant wedding in the future.

She even had the audacity to ask for MORE donations and gifts after throwing all of this on her guests.

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Just wait until you read the Facebook post (and responses) for yourself…

The average cost of a wedding in the United States is $33,391, although this number can vary significantly depending on where a couple gets hitched.

For instance, you can throw a nice wedding in New Mexico for $17,584. Yet, in New York, couples often spend closer to $76,944.

Still, $30k was more than enough for Pam and Edward to throw a fabulous wedding.

Clearly, the bride and groom’s families (who donated all of the money) were very excited to attend.

The news that the wedding was canceled, and the couple planned to keep the money for their own personal use, infuriated just about everyone…

“Pam what did I tell you about day drinking,” the bride’s friend calls her out.

Bridezilla Pam refused to call or text anyone with more of a response. She feels 100% entitled to the money and doesn’t plan to give any of it back.

Her “rich uncle” who donated $12,000 wants his money back… will he get it?


Pam plans to spend his money on “undisclosed personal purposes” but tells him he’ll attend a wedding in the future… paid for by whom? 

There’s always that one suck-up bridesmaid. Let’s be real, she’s just relieved she doesn’t have to deal with the bride on her wedding day now…

Then again this girl donated $200, not $12,000

One friend of the groom’s didn’t take it so well at all:

Going viral on Reddit for her nasty behavior was enough to rattle the bride, who decided to respond a while later…

“Edward had to bring me to urgent care because I felt lightheaded and distraught. I was even questioned on my mental state. Not fun! The bill out to $765. Thank god you will be forced to pay for that with the money fund.” 

“In the meantime, please consider donating any spa or personal care items to my home address if you even care about me at all.”

No one was showing up to her pity party, and we doubt she will be receiving any “spa or personal care items.”

Instead, even more people started asking for their donations to be returned.

The bride’s mother was undoubtably mortified over her daughter’s behavior. “No, Pam, this isn’t the response we talked about. You’re letting your emotions get the best of you,” she wrote. 

At least one of her bridesmaid’s has a backbone…


What would you do if this were your friend or family member?