Cardi B Lets Tomi Lahren Know She’s Not Playing Around on Twitter

Twitter is a wonderful corner of the internet where people from all over the globe can discuss intellectual topics and a polite and upstanding manner.

And then there is the other corner of twitter filled with lovely amounts of beef and drama.

One side as you can expect is more entertaining than the other.

And every now and again you’ll get on massive twitter tea bombshell that shakes the entire platform.

Lucky we got just that, when a few days ago Tomi Lahren decided she wanted to say something about Cardi B.

Cardi B did not take the tweet lightly.

And she replied in the only way Cardi B knows how. Savagely!

For those of you out there who aren’t too familiar with the term ‘dog walk’, it’s basically the 2019 equivalent of the phrase “I’ll beat you down.”

It didn’t take long for Tamy to respond by mocking Cardi B’s intelligence.

Though obviously a little shaken by the threat.

Cardi B clapped back with another savage response.

And the internet couldn’t handle it!

After Cardi’s savagery went viral, Twitter made memes to commemorate the wonderful moment.

This twitter tea was a great thing for people to wake up to.

It’s been the cat fight that so many of us were ready to see go down.

It’s amazing.

The response memes just kept getting better and better, as Cardi’s clap back was heard world wide.

Tomi was not ready for the storm that was about to come down on her.

Cardi B’s out here doing it for the culture!

If you seen this wonderful moment on Flavor of Love then you know exactly what Tomi just tried to do to Cardi, but she’s never messed with anyone like Cardi Before.

Tomi is in for a whirlwind.

And she doesn’t even know it!

Though so far it seems Tomi has remained silent after Cardi’s response.

Seems to just be fading into the bushes if you ask me.

It seems like everyone is ready to watch it go down, but never admit to seeing it happen.

What do you think of this delicious slice of twitter beef?

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