20 Of The Sweetest Pics of Cat Dads And Their Furry Besties

There is something so precious about the bond shared between a man and his cat. Even the most macho men can crumble in cuddles when faced with the cat that they love.

The other week my husband, who is obsessed with our cat Dennis, told me – “He’s not just a house cat… he’s my best friend.”

He’s not kidding either. Half the time I think he may love the cat more than me, and I’m not even mad about it they are so dang cute together.

There are a number of stereotypes about guys who love cats – that they are more sensitive, introverted, and appreciate sitting at home with a good book. Don’t believe the hype. ALL types of men can fall in love with a cat, they just have to meet the right one.

And, apparently, more men are meeting the right cats. Or maybe it’s just something to do with emotionally unavailable guys swiping through Tinder who haven’t had children yet, but cat ownership among dudes is on the rise.

Becoming a ‘cat dad’ just might be the first step to finding a mate because the ladies can’t get enough of men cuddling their beloved cats.

Check out some of the cutest photos of cat dads loving on their besties below.

1. Morning Snuggles


According to a study published by the BBC, 17% of men living in the UK have a cat bestie, that number is up from 13% in 2016.

“I think the reason cats make such fascinating pets is there’s just enough of us in them,” writes Paul Fleckney for The Guardian. “Zelda gets hungry, thirsty, lazy, snappy, lively, curious – sometimes she just wants a tummy rub. Who can’t relate to all that?”

2. This dad found a kitten crying outside a couple days ago, this is how the kitty prefers to sleep now.


No matter why men are so drawn to cat ownership, it’s good for their health. Pets are good for the mind, body and soul. They can even lower stress levels.

Numerous studies have found that cuddling a cat or dog releases the “cuddle chemical” known as oxytocin, for both human and pet. This produces a soothing effect for both parties, thus contributing to your bond.

3. Cliff works from home, he had to fashion this sling so that he could manage his workload while meeting his cat Simon’s demands to be held throughout the day.


Cats are quite comical as well. If you own a cat you know just how hilarious they can be.

They are also quite choosey. While most dogs will cuddle up to and lick just about anyone who comes over, cats aren’t so easy to win over. They prefer their owner(s) over anyone else.

My cat will swat and hiss at anyone who tries to pet him, but when my husband or I come in for a pet, all we hear is purring. There’s something a bit satisfying about that, not going to lie.

4. The ‘Cat Man Chris’


Cat Man Chris and his felines have a serious following on YouTube.

“I had my personal YouTube channel which I converted to Cole’s channel about two weeks after we adopted him,” Chris told Bored Panda in an interview.

Chris’ love for cats grew when he took up a job working at a big cat sanctuary (bigcatrescue.org) with lions and tigers back in 2008.

“Domestic cats are just like their wild cousins, just mini versions that can’t kill you…. I don’t think anyway?!”

5. 3 cats, 3x the snuggles


“I like dogs too don’t get me wrong, but I’m definitely a cat guy meow… dogs bark and a lot of the time are begging for attention and they need walking everyday,” Chris explains.

He adds, “Cats are easier to care for and have their own strong personalities just like dogs, they can also be super affectionate, but that the same time they are very independent and like doing their own thing… it really is like living with mini tigers, house flies don’t stand a chance in this home!”

6. This cat dad takes his kitten backpacking with him


7. “My dad fixing the pool. His cat likes to help. He would tell you otherwise, but he loves that cat.”


8. Cat dad in training


9. Kyle & Boots


10. 10/10, solid gold!


11. “My dad tends to hold the cat’s hand when he nods off”


12. Sadly, this pic was captured before Chip passed away. His loving cat dad took him out one last time to enjoy what he loved.


13. A sweet cat dad moment caught on camera


14. Face smoosh


15. Oh to find a man who looks at you like this… #goals


16. Extra, like father like cat


17. “How my 20-year-old cat and 70-year-old father spend their evenings”


18. There’s always this gem


19. Who needs kids when you’ve got all the cats?


20. “My best buddy and bodyguard”