Angry Mom Goes On Rant Saying ‘Childless Millennials’ Should Be Banned From Disney World

As a childless millennial who lives a little over an hour away from Disneyland, I have been to the fun-filled theme park dozens of times with no children in tow.

Never once has it crossed my mind that I’m bothering anyone there with children… I’m just enjoying the “happiest place on Earth.”

Regardless of age, who wouldn’t love to spend the day at Disneyland or Disney World?

The park transports you back in time – letting you interact with your favorite childhood characters, ride fun rides, and eat delicious food. It’s truly the best way to escape from reality while wearing a pair of Mickey ears.

There is no rule in place that states you must have kids to enter the park – that would be ludicrous, and not to mention devastating for so many of us who don’t have kids but find such joy in visiting the theme parks.

Sadly, one angry mommy would love to ban childless millennials from going to Disney World. Her crazy rant has gone viral due to the dramatic nature of the post. In fact, Twitter can’t stop talking about it.

She starts off by saying nothing makes her angrier than “seeing childless couples without children at Disney World.”

For one thing, lady, that sentence is repetitive. Secondly, why do you even care?

Her angry rant continues…

It pisses me off TO NO END!!!!!! when I see CHILDLESS COUPLES WITHOUT AT DISNEY WORLD!!!!! DW is a FAMILY amusement park!!!! yet these IMMATURE millennials THROW AWAY THEIR MONEY ON USELESS CRAP!!!! They have NO idea the JOY and HAPPINESS it is to MOTHERS WHO BUYS THEIR BABIES TREATS AND TOYS!!!! THEY WILL NEVER EXPERIENCE THE EXHAUSTION THAT IT IS TO CHASE A 3 YEAR OLD AROUND AND GETTING STARES AT ASSUMING IM A BAD MOTHER!!!! This c*nt in some very SLUTTY shorts was buying a Mickey pretzel and Aiden wanted one but the line was very long so I said later and it broke his poor little heart and he cried I WANTED TO TAKE THAT FUCKING PRETZEL FROM THAT TRAMP LIKE THANKS BITCH YOU MADE MY SON CRY!!! DW is for CHILDREN!!!! People without CHILDREN need to be BANNED!!!! Mothers with children should be allowed to skip ALL THE LINE!!!! YOU HAVE NO F*CKING IDEA WHAT ITS LIKE TO HAVE TO STAND IN LINE FOR 3 HOURS WITH A CRANKY TIRED EXHAUSTED TODDLER!!!!! AND I CANT JUST TELL HIM THAT WE CANT DO SOMETHING BECAUSE ITS HIS VACATIN TOO!!!! I f*cking hate childless women with a BURNING PASSION!!!!

The post started gaining mad attention after Twitter user @JenKatWrites shared it…

People had a lot of opinions on the matter, including that most kids are “too young” to even appreciate the joys of Disney World like those childless millennials.

Fun fact: Disney World covers 43 square miles – that’s around the same size as all of San Francisco and two times the size of Manhattan! 


On average, Disney World caters to around 52,964 visitors every day. It’s not just kids and millennials clogging up the lines. There are senior citizens with no grandkids in sight, as well as middle-aged adults.

The majority of people who visit Walt Disney World do not even have kids living in their household. A 2018 study found that only 36.7 percent of the people who visited Disney World had kids under 18 living in their household.

In part, this is because corporate conferences are routinely held in the park on weekdays, and Disney World is intended to attract “an audience of all ages.”

The rides, luxury hotels, and dining options all work to draw in adults, along with the nostalgia effect. In addition, classic aspects of the park like the parades and fireworks also draw in older crowds.

Melanie Pati is a thirty-five-year-old childless Disney pass holder who runs an Orlando logistic company and a Facebook site for Disney fans with over 36,000 followers.

“I understand someone’s frustration trying to make their children happy,” Pati said, “but it’s ridiculous and unfair that their inability to plan and schedule and understand the natural boundaries of going to a theme park is shading their opinion of others.”

In addition, Pati points out how unfair this viewpoint is for parents who have had miscarriages or cannot have children of their own.

“So they shouldn’t be able to go?” Pati pushes. “They can’t share in the love and nostalgia of their childhood memories?”

It sounds like the woman behind this viral rant is jealous of childless millennials and would love to come to Disneyland without her kids… am I right?