Choose Your Favorite Shell And Find Out What It Says About Your Personality

According to author and healer Jenny Marie, you can tell a lot about someone’s personality by analyzing their every decision, including choice of seashell.

Look at the three shells pictured here, and choose your favorite shell.

Don’t debate it!

Just pick the very first shell you are instantly attracted to.

We can’t guarantee the accuracy of this quiz, but the shell I picked revealed insights to my personality, so who knows!

Find out what the shell you pick has to say about your personality by reading the explanations provided below.


Photo Credit: Jenny Marie

Shell 1

Shell 1 stands out amongst the other shells, as it very rough and intimidating on the outside.

The animal that once lived inside of this shell could count on the spiky exterior to protect it.

If you chose shell 1 you know what it is like to go through tough times, and you are stronger and wiser because of it.

You are strong, but you are also gentle and sensitive.

You constantly seek out protection, such as the protective exterior offered by shell 1.

It is difficult for you to put up with negative people, acknowledge this and give yourself space from those that tend to be negative.

Jenny writes, “Know that the angels love you and want you to be able to keep your own energy – not feeling drained from those who feed off your beautiful energy.”

Shell 2

This shell resembles the rays of the sun beaming outwards, which is likely similar to your own sunny personality.

You are the type to give and give, but beware that you don’t offer too much and as a result develop feelings of resentment.

It’s okay to say ‘no’ sometimes.

You provide a lot of love and light to others, so keep it up, but don’t forget to make time for yourself too.

This shell is very symmetrical, and you crave symmetry throughout your day-to-day life.

As a borderline perfectionist, you like life to be simple and balanced otherwise you tend to worry a lot.

Keeping to-do-lists, and staying organized are all great traits, but don’t forget to let loose now and again.

Shell 3

This shell is smooth and shinny, but very closed off.

If you picked this shell you may be holding onto something that does not serve you any longer.

Jenny writes, “Even if you feel that life has thrown you a curve ball and this is your lot in life, don’t give your power to someone else.

When you allow others to take the reigns of your life, you give them the power to create your life.

Instead, take the reigns and create the life you want.” You deserve it!