You Can Visit These 15 Incredible Countries For Less Than $50 A Day

One of the biggest hurdles holding people back from traveling is the cost to do so. But, did you know there are many countries you can travel to that’ll cost you under $50 a day?

Some of the most affordable spots to travel to include Northern Europe, Southeast Asia, and Central America. Of course, the biggest expense is airfare, but once you get there, the following places will not break the bank.



It doesn’t get much cheaper than this gem in Southeast Asia. You can enjoy a meal in a restaurant for as little as a dollar, and nightly accommodations start as low as $5 a night.

You can stay in a bungalow overlooking the Mekong River for a cool $2 a night!

Enjoy a relaxing float down the Nam Song River in Vang Vieng. You can tie up your float at one of the riverside bars and grab a drink for $1.

Motorbike rentals are around $5 a day and will give you the chance to explore the breathtaking beauty found here, from waterfalls to stunning cliffs.

Don’t forget to exchange your American dollars for kip in nearby Cambodia, the exchange rate is 1:8,360.



Andalusia, Spain is far from the cheapest destination on this list, but it’s still relatively affordable.

Granada, located in the Andalusia region, still has restaurants that offer what is known as botanas, that means you get more food for the same price by simply ordering more drinks.

Plus, you can check into a hostel for as little as $25 a night. There are countless free activities to enjoy, from admission-free museums to government sponsored concerts.

Republic of Georgia


Sandwiched between Europe and Asia, the country of Georgia is a former Soviet republic with a lot to offer. Visit the capital of Tbilisi, and you’ll find the Old City is full of things to do.

Looking for good nightlife? The cobblestoned alleys come alive at night and there’s no shortage of dance clubs.

Local cafes charge around $3 for lunch, that includes organic meats, fresh veggies and beer!

Enjoy wine? A posh bottle of wine is $5, that’s less than a glass of mediocre wine in the US.

Many expats live in the area, renting apartments for around $150 a month. You can stay at a nice hotel for as little as $22 a night, while a hostel will cost you closer to $8.



Located on the southeast border of Mexico, Belize is home to beautiful white sand beaches, tiki bars, and hotels that cost around $15 to $20 a night.

Hike through ancient caves, free of charge, and then hit up a beachside bar where you can get cocktails for as little as a dollar or two.

Visit the Toledo District where you can swim through caves, wander through the jungle, and explore ancient ruins.



From glittering coastlines to historic castles, Wales offers a dream vacation on a dime. There are some pricey coastal hotels, but you can stay at a decent hostel at the center of Cardiff city for as little as $11 per night.

You can tour Dryslwyn Castle and Dinefwr Castle for free. Other castles charge around $10 for admission.

Save some money by hiking along the coastline and soaking up the beauty and history found on walks like the Teifi Estuary route where you’ll get to walk by the 12th Century St. Dogmael’s Abbey, as well as other medieval castles.



Best known for its scrumptious street food, scuba diving, and seaside hotels, Indonesia has a lot to offer if you’re willing to spend $50 a day, or less!

Hostel rooms run less than $10 a night – the Bali Fab Dive Center hostel is only $7 a night.

The Denpasar area is packed with tourists and a good place to overspend, so we recommend going elsewhere. Go north to Ubud and you’ll find cheap hostels, boutique shopping and unique dining.

At Lesehan Segara Tegeh you can enjoy fine dining for a fraction of the cost to dine out in the US. For reference, the fresh juice is only $1.

Don’t forget to check out the Ubud Market. If you want to spend less money get there early, around 5:30 am, when the locals arrive. By 8:30 am it turns into more of a tourist trap.



From private azure lagoons to snow peaked mountains and so many hiking trails, Albania offers some of the most affordable Mediterranean coastline left.

Stay in a beachfront room for as little as $10 to $15 per night. The average daily budget is around $30 a day, so $50 will let you roll deep on the cheap.

Looking to get a little spendy? You can go jet-skiing or parasailing for around $38.

Other affordable places to travel for under $50 a day include: 

  • Czech Republic
  • Dominican Republic
  • Jordan
  • Morocco
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bolivia
  • Croatia
  • Costa Rica