Cow Screams Thinking She’s Going To A Slaughterhouse But Instead, Sees Freedom For The First Time

Being a dairy cow is no easy life. In fact, it’s full of abuse, sadness and child loss. To make matters worse, most cows are shipped to slaughter once their career as a dairy cow comes to an end.

So, it was only natural that Emma, a dairy cow from Germany, was incredibly nervous the day she was loaded into a trailer and driven for miles to an unknown destination.

Assuming more torture awaited the sweet cow, she let out one heart-wrenching scream after another. Little did she know, she was headed to her first taste of freedom: the Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg Sanctuary.

The dairy farm she’d known as her only home was closing down, and while Emma was originally slated for slaughter, the rescue stepped in to save her and give her the retirement she deserved.

While she avoided death at the dairy farm, it was a terrible place to live with deplorable conditions. Still, judging by her reaction, poor Emma thought she was going from bad to worse after she was loaded into that trailer.

Despite how sweet, playful and downright adorable cows are, they are commonly mistreated for their meat, milk, and leather.

As a society, we dehumanize cows and separate ourselves from what really takes place to get that milk in your refrigerator. It’s truly terrible and cows are fully aware of what’s going on the entire time.

Thankfully, Emma’s tears don’t last long, and this video takes on a very happy ending.

Before long, the trailer comes to a stop. At this point, Emma is led out of the trailer and released into a wide-open field filled with green grass, rolling hills, and lots of other cows.

After seeing the horror etched on her face, it brings such joy and relief to see her take those first steps towards freedom. She plays it safe at first, cautiously making her way into her new home as a few cows approach her in greeting.

This cow's worst nightmare turned upside down. Cry no more, Emma.

This cow's worst nightmare turns upside down. Cry no more, Emma.Follow We the Animals

Posted by We the Animals on Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The cows take turns sniffing out their new pal, as more and more cows gather near her. It’s as if they are telling her that at long last everything is going to be okay and she is safe.

Emma’s posture begins to soften, and her eyes relax. By the end of the video, it appears Emma has already begun to settle into her new home. She goes running off into the field with her new family, finally experiencing the sweet taste of freedom.

Emma’s touching story is all thanks to the kind people who operate Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg Sanctuary. The kind human beings that run the operation are truly angles on earth.

The group is on a mission to rescue as many dairy cows as possible, retiring them to wide open pastures where they can enjoy the remainder of their lives.

Dairy cows are forced to get pregnant over and over again so that their bodies continue to produce milk. Sadly, as soon as they give birth to their new bundle of joy, their baby is ripped away from them so that their milk is saved for human consumption.

Calves are sent to slaughter, never even given a chance to know a happy or normal life.

Cows are quickly separated from their young in an effort to reduce stress – but ask any mom what it’d be like to have their infant ripped away at birth and they’ll tell you the same thing.

To make matters worse, the process is repeated over and over again – a never ending cycle of sadness and loss.

Cows like Emma who have the chance to retire at Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg Sanctuary are no longer bred and therefore do not produce milk. Instead, they live out their days in peace and tranquility.

If only more cows could experience kindness like this… and more people would make the switch to Almond Milk!

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