Coyotes Roam Empty Streets of San Francisco During Coronavirus Lockdown

In a more lighthearted turn of events, wild coyotes seem to have taken over the barren streets of San Francisco.

Over the past few weeks, American cities have become ghost towns of sorts as businesses shut down, traffic slows, and travel has come to a halt.

This has left the streets noticeably empty, and some of our four legged friends have taken it upon themselves to do some exploring of their own.

There have been several viral stories about animals using the new empty streets to explore; boars in Barcelona, sheep in Italy, and dolphins in the canals of Venice have all been spotted roaming the streets.

According to an SFGate reader, “Jane, an SFGate reader, spotted coyotes this week at Twin Peaks and told us that she’s, “never seen one at Twin Peaks (and I’ve literally been there hundreds of times).

I think they’re feeling free to roam given the general lack of traffic.”.

According to KQED, coyotes are native to California but went nearly extinct in the 1940’s as people began to put a poison called Compound on their properties to keep them away.

One single canine was spotted in 2002, but there have been very few reported cases since then. Today, they are boldly roaming the streets and taking the city over themselves!