Dad Cancelled Twin Towers Meeting On 9/11 Because Son He Always Wanted Was Born Early

‘Some things happen for a reason,’ so say people who believe that some spiritual realm controls the physical. Even though some would argue this and tie certain occurrences to coincidence, one cannot help but be happy for a man whose dad would have suffered a terrible fate on 9/11, if not for his birth on the historical day.

A TikToker had earlier kicked-off a quest wherein users of the platform are required to tell their ’Craziest one in a million story, something that happened that they can’t just believe it’s real.’

As a result, another TikToker, Mark Bowling, hopped right on the quest and recounted in a video the events that led to what could have been his dad’s last day on earth.

According to him, his dad had always wanted a male child, having tried several times with no success and ended up fathering three daughters in the process. Thus, one would understand why Mark’s arrival would have been so much of bliss to the father.

Upon his arrival, it turned out he was birthed before his due date, although Mark himself can’t recall whether he was born late or early. Either way, Mark’s birthday happened to be on the day his dad was scheduled to be in a security meeting on the ‘101st floor of tower one of the Twin Towers’.

But being a father who had been longing to have a child he could call ‘son’, it was a tad difficult to place work over celebrating the arrival of his son. As a result, Mark’s dad had to call off all his work commitments for that day. Talk about being a lucky soul!

World Trade Center Explosion

Undoubtedly, if Mark hadn’t arrived the moment he did, his dad would have proceeded with business for the day and could well have been at the World Trade Center, having a meeting when the planes came crashing into the towers.

What should have been a day of euphoria could have turned to a black day for the family, a day when they mourn the death of a breadwinner, rather than celebrate the eventual arrival of a son into the family.

Although families of those who died on that sad day could also have had one imminent celebration or the other, it still wouldn’t have been anything of relief to the family of Mark’s father if he had been a victim. The death of a loved one is better imagined than experienced, regardless of the circumstances surrounding it.

Mark’s story has left a lot of TikTokers in awe, with one user commenting that he can’t Imagine how grateful Mark’s father would be to him.

You can watch the video here:


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Another user commented, “I’m so happy for your dad. That’s why family is always more important than work.”

Meanwhile, some users hold the belief that the event wasn’t a mere coincidence.

“Everything happens for a reason. God not only granted him a son, but he also gave him another day to live,” commented one user.

“That’s not luck; that is destiny,” commented another TikToker.

Would you attribute Mark’s story to a mere coincidence? Or would you rather call it’s Gods plan? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.