Someone Said This Dog Was About To Be ‘Gassed’ In A Shelter, But When Someone Offered To Save Him The Owner Demanded $450

I think we’ve found evidence of the world’s worst dog owner – like seriously, this woman has some bad karma coming her way!

The Internet is furious after a Reddit user posted a crazy story that unfolded when she tried to save a dog from ending up in a shelter.

The story was posted to the subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars and included detailed text messages sent back and forth between her and a “desperate” dog owner.

The dog owner had originally asked for help finding the dog a home because she had to move and couldn’t take her with.

Things quickly took a disgusting and manipulative turn when the dog-loving rescuer realized she was dealing with someone who had much greater demands than finding a good home for her dog.

A Reddit user recently shared a terrible interaction she encountered with a deplorable beggar posing as someone who cared about finding her dog a good home so that she didn’t have to go to a shelter.

Pixabay (not actual photo of the dog)

The screenshots that were shared on Reddit start with the heroic dog rescuer responding back to an “acquaintance” who she knew from high school who had left her a tearful message, begging her to adopt her dog so that she didn’t have to take her to a shelter.

“Acquaintance left message tearfully *begging* me to take in her sickly untrained dog that she’s about to drop off at the shelter. When I reluctantly agree to help take the dog in, she then demands $450 from me”

The dog’s name is Luna, she’s a 7 year old put bull mutt who didn’t have much training and had some health issues – so not the easiest dog to take in. The dog’s original owner said she was moving and couldn’t bring her along.

Yet, not only did she want the woman she’d desperately called for help to pick up the dog that same day, in addition, she wanted money!

Luna’s disgraceful owner demanded a steep adoption fee of $350, then she wanted an additional $100 for the dog’s toys, crate, and so forth – totaling $450.

The woman was just trying to be nice and help a dog who would otherwise end up dead. She wasn’t even in the market for another dog and so she was pissed off by this, as anyone would be.

When the woman refused to pay for the dog, the owner went to the lowest depths possible to try and make a quick buck, telling the kind-hearted woman that the dog was going to be “gassed” since she was older and suffered from health problems.

The woman once again reminded the owner that her offer was to rescue the dog for free, as it would cost her money in vet bills and ruin things around her house since it was already admitted that the dog wasn’t really house trained.

If “$450 isn’t that much,” why is she so desperate to get that out of someone who is trying to HELP give her dog a better life? Anyone else see the logic in that?

To complicate matters further, the woman found out that the dog lived in Pennsylvania instead of New Jersey, where she lives. That means she’d have to pay nearly $500 and drive for hours to pick up the dog at a moment’s notice.

Clearly, the woman was trying to scam other people as well, seeing who she could get to give her the most money for the dog.

In an update via Reddit, the woman wrote that after some time the difficult woman finally accepted her offer.

“My cousin & I each put in $50 and told CB the absolute most we would pay her is the $100 she’s asking for the supplies. She eventually accepted our offer. Obviously, I didn’t want to give this awful human $100 for her bullshit but if that’s the price for going to sleep tonight knowing the dog is safe & away from her, I’m ok with it.”

Luna, the innocent party in all of this, was finally rescued and in the hands of a kind and wonderful human. Unfortunately for that wonderful human, she wasn’t rid of that nasty old high school acquaintance just yet.

After picking Luna up from the previous owner’s home, they quickly noticed that Luna was an abuse case.

“The crate she wanted to charge us for was filthy and rusty, as if the dog had been locked in it for long periods of time and was just peeing all over. She must have been a really shitty owner because it looks like the dog hasn’t been bathed in ages and also has nails so long they’re curling under her feet.”

The woman’s cousin took the dog to the vet right away to get assessed and treated. When they asked the previous owner for the dog’s medical records, things got worse…

“We will be reporting CB for animal neglect and abuse. Cousin already took photos of the disgusting crate, her nails, her wounds, etc. I hope CB is punished or at least has her home searched in case she has any other animals,” the woman wrote in an update.

While the situation was unfortunate in so many ways, “It’s a happy ending. Luna gets medical care and an owner that loves her. Cousin got a new best friend. I can sleep better tonight knowing the pup’s away from this awful human.”

h/t: BoredPanda