Dying Dog Abandoned in Parking Lot Successfully Recovers After The Help of Loving Strangers

Dogs are man’s best friend. And why shouldn’t they? They are the most adorable and loyal companions one could ever ask for.

They are always there for us whenever we need them. They share our worries, our fears, and our happiness.

They are part of our family. Like family, we commit time and effort to have them in our homes.

But some dogs are not lucky enough to experience the kind of love that they deserve.

Many dogs are left on the street to wander and fend for themselves. It is sometimes due to the fact that their previous owner is moving and cannot take their dogs with them, or they just can’t take the extra responsibility of having a dog.

Regardless, it is always the dogs that suffer when we abandon them. Just like this poor dog who was left out in the streets.

On the faithful day of January 29, 2021, a stranger was about to change a poor dog’s life.

When the stranger was dropping off some donations at the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS), they saw a thin dog who looks as if it is holding on to dear life. The dog was dumped just outside the building parking lot.

The good samaritan alerted the staff of KHS regarding the situation of the dying dog in their parking lot. As soon as they got alerted, the KHS members immediately rushed the dog to their veterinary services department to get immediate help and attention as they have no clue of the current health situation of the dog.


















As they start checking up on the canine as they try to figure out what had happened to the poor old dog, they discovered that the dog has become severely weak when discovered that he cannot even bear to lift his own head.

Ethan, as named by the shelter members who found him, is only 38 pounds in weight which is a major big difference compared to how a usual healthy dog should weigh.

A healthy dog is expected to weigh around 80 pounds which makes Ethan extremely malnourished.

In their blog post during the time of rescue, KHS shared that Ethan is the thinnest dog they have ever seen that was still breathing. Thank goodness for that apparently.

Even though Ethan was already rescued, his sufferings did not end from there.

As they further checking in to his conditions, they found out that other than being almost just skin and bones, Ethan has also endured muscle loss, reeked of feces and urine, and dehydrated skin.

With these extreme conditions, KHS assumed that before finding Ethan out on the street, he must have suffered inside and have been locked in a crate for weeks without any food or water to consume.

We can only imagine the pain and torment that he must have suffered.

But thankfully, his sufferings have come at ease the moment he was found by that stranger and was taken care of by the KHS.  As Ethan had his first visit to the vet clinic, that’s the only moment that he was able to receive his needed fluids.

He was also being taken care of in terms of food, shelter, and blanket to keep him warm as he overcomes his ordeal.






















Now with the care of KHS, Ethan was slowly starting to show progress in terms of his condition as weeks passed by. People have been drawn to this story and were all waiting and rooting for Ethan’s recovery. His recovery updates were posted regularly by the KHS staff to also provide updates to people who were drawn to the story.
















Thankfully, Ethan is now well and is on the full road to recovery. What happened to Ethan became a reason for people to continue and push forward to enable stronger protection in the welfare of pets. As people extended their support, they are hoping for House Bill 57 to pass that would change animal torture from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class D felony meaning that any forms of abuse towards animal including any sorts of physical abuse, confinement, and denying of food and shelter can be added as a form of animal torture.