Woman Gives Everyday Objects Hilarious Names After Getting A Label Maker For A Wedding Gift

A label maker might sound like an odd gift to give your sister for her wedding, but that’s exactly what Joe Arroyo decided to gift his sister, Lita Martinez, on her big day.

After all, he knew that Lita was great with puns and quite creative with words. Yet, he couldn’t possibly have known just how much fun she’d have with the label maker… or how much she’d make the world laugh.

The label maker just might be the best wedding gift she received, at least the Internet thinks so!

Joe Arroyo

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A label maker might not be the most popular gift to give someone to celebrate their marriage, so what is?

That answer varies state-by-state. According to Zola, the most popular gift in Alabama, Florida, Kansas, Ohio, Indiana, Washington and Pennsylvania is a Logic Lodge Cast Iron Skillet.

The Cuisinart Classic Waffle Maker is the most gifted item in Alaska, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Utah.

In Delaware, Nevada, New York, and South Dakota, the most popular present is a KitchenAid Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer.

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Nowhere on Zola’s list do we see a label maker… and boy, oh boy, people are missing out!

And why not get a label maker for your loved one? It’ll help you save money. Some label makers go for as little as $15 on Amazon.

According to The Knot, the average price for attending a wedding, that means going as a guest – not as a bridesmaid or groomsman, was $673 in 2015.

That might sound insane, but when you start to add up the cost of travel to get to the wedding, a hotel room if you don’t live in the area, an outfit to wear, and a gift, it’s easy to see how costs tally up quickly.

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Do you want to be a poet like Lita and come up with creative labels, poems, and stories?

Poet Lisa Marie Basile has spent her life observing and obsessing over the smallest details. Even as a kid she would notice things none of the other kids noticed.

“I saw the world as a place filled with secrets, in-between colors, textures, whispers, and hidden spaces. I could make a world out of the smallest moment. I still do. Being a poet feels like having two bodies — one in this world, and one in some other,” Lisa wrote in an article for Hello Giggles.

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If Lisa sounds like you, she suggests doing things to further explore your creativity. For one, read as many books as possible. Some of the best poetry is inspired by the work of other poets.

Lisa admits that may sound like plagiarism, but it’s not. “It’s totally okay, and normal in the early beginning. Eventually, with enough writing and reading and listening to yourself, you will find authenticity and your own voice. I am always working on my own. But seriously: read. It’s not enough to write.”

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“Writing is like the body; it has to be conditioned to grow and change. Your writing ritual depends entirely on you. But you will never be a better writer without writing — even if what you are writing is bad or you dislike it. You will write through the badness and into the good.”

“Eventually, through writing, you should discover what feels right and sounds like you. Authentically.”

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Becoming a master of your craft is never an easy task, but hard work always pays off.

And remember, writing doesn’t have to be a long page of text. Instead, it can be as simple as labeling the contents of your home.

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Need more reasons to fall in love with the label maker? There are so many creative ways to put this handy tool to good use.

  • They can help you learn a new language – simply label everything in your home with a foreign translation.
  • Label your leftovers, including what’s in the Tupperware and when it was made.
  • Mark the herbs growing in your garden so there’s no confusion.
  • Use them to organize and label that hoard of cords you have sitting in a box.
  • You could even make your home smarter by labeling valves, pipes, and switches.
  • Label your spice rack.



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This is Lita, the master behind the hilarious labels