6 Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With Your Life Instead of Another Person

For some people, spending time alone is unbearable- they continually focus on what other people in their life are up to, and place a huge value on being with others instead of learning how to spend their time alone.

It’s important to realize how many good things can happen when you fall in love with your own life instead of with another person.

The possibilities for your life are endless when you stop letting other people become involved in the decision-making process, and take the reins solo.

As you do this, you may be exposed to people who believe that they know better than you, who will insist that your independence is detrimental to your future.

Don’t believe these small-minded people, and focus on the positive aspects of loving your own life more than another person.

1. You can put more time towards your hobbies and interests

When you fall in love with your life more than another person, you can spend as much time as you want pursuing your own interests.

You’ll have complete freedom to get involved with as many unique opportunities as you can find, and pursue them until they lose your interest.

Research says that being an expert in any field takes deliberate, daily practice, and the more free time you have to devote to your new hobby or interest, the more you stand to benefit.

2. Your career can take precedence over anything else

Another thing that can happen when you fall in love with your life, rather than get caught up in a relationship is that your career path remains entirely within your control.

Many parents have to negotiate a different career path once their children come along- either by reducing their hours, or pulling themselves out of their chosen career path entirely.

By choosing to go at life solo, you can direct your career path in a way that would have been impossible if you’d had to take someone else’s needs and desires into account.

3. Our own opinions become clearer

The more time we spend alone, the better we get at following our conscience and listening to our gut.

Choosing to pursue your own life goals rather than a relationship ensures that your mind is clear at all times, and that you have enough time alone to really make your feelings on any upcoming decision clear.


While it can be beneficial to have an outside eye into our situation, not having a partner allows us to get in touch with anyone from within our circle of friends, and gather a myriad of opinions.

Unlike a partner, who may feel that they have a right to give their opinion, none of your friends will be offended if you don’t follow their advice. 

4. You become interested in bettering your own life

A lot of people today are told that they don’t have the necessary drive to make it in their chosen field.

Competition for jobs is cutthroat, and taking time off for personal or family reasons is often subtly frowned upon even if your bosses can’t overtly punish you for it.

People who are pursuing their own lives above the needs of others are able to take on the extra work needed to stand out from the pack.

5. You’re forced to be your own advocate

Another positive reason to pursue your own life over a relationship with someone else is that you’re forced to be your own advocate.

Many people who have been in relationships since they were young lose the ability to advocate for themselves, and instead rely on others to prop up their opinions.

The more time you spend being in control of your own life and career, the more comfortable you become fighting for your own rights. 

6. You get to feel close with many people

When you’re in a relationship, all of your mental energy goes into cultivating a relationship with that one person.

When you’re busy falling in love with your own life, you get the opportunity to develop close relationships with anyone that you meet.

By keeping most of your relationships on a platonic level, you get to skip all the drama that comes with being in a relationship and focus on the things that make you compatible.

That way, when you disagree on something (and things are bound to come up eventually), you can comfortably disagree without the feeling that you have to come to a compromise.