Family Of Boy Who Died In Freezing Texas Trailer Sues Power Companies For $100 Million

Christian Pavon was all exuberant and full of life as he played in the snow just outside their mobile home on Monday.

Unknown to his family, that would be the last they’d see him, as he passed away the next morning after a night of extreme cold.

Christian’s family has attributed his death to lack of electricity to power the heater and, as a result, are filing a lawsuit of $100m against both electricity provider Entergy and power grid operator ERCOT.

It all started on a Sunday when the family lost power to their Conroe mobile home, after which they were compelled to sleep in the same room to keep warm from the bitter cold of the night.

On Monday that followed, Christian could be seen playing in the snow in a video his mum recorded of him.

“It is very heartbreaking seeing that video of him from the day before his death. He looked very excited,” said Jaaliza Yera, Christian’s aunt.

On the night of his death, Christian had gone to bed with a shirt and a sweater, followed by a pair of socks and two pairs of pants.

In the middle of the night, his stepfather even checked on him when he — the stepfather — had woken up to use the restroom.

“It was around 2 AM when my brother-in-law woke up and even ensured he covered him with another blanket due to the cold getting worse in the night,” added Jaaliza Yera.

But the family were crestfallen when they woke up to find Christian lying lifeless in his bed.

Initially, they had thought he was still sleeping because that he wasn’t supposed to go to school that Tuesday morning.

But as they were headed to the store, his heartbroken mum, Maria Elisa, went to his room and, at first instance, thought he was just pretending when she tried to roust him from the bed.

Christian’s mum dialed up 911 immediately but had to wait a little bit more to get a Spanish operator on call. The family performed CPR on him before the arrival of paramedics who themselves couldn’t do anything to save the 11-year-old boy’s life.

Indeed, Christian’s death is a sad one but is, unfortunately, one in 30 other deaths in Texas since the inception of the cold snap.

While they all aren’t directly tied to the cold, some have been reported to be a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is the outcome of people improvising with generators and even cars to keep warm.

Temperature has drooped as 18° Degree in Texas Source: Unsplash

In the wake of this, Christian’s family has accused Texas power companies of gross negligence. “They are giving customers incomplete guidance regarding the extreme temperature and have failed to warn people of the dangerous conditions” reports the New York Post.

A family of four, consisting of three siblings and their Grandmother, is among the many who have suffered a terrible fate amid the power outage across the state.

They all died in a house fire after resorting to a fireplace to keep themselves warm.

The mother of the there siblings, Jackie, and her friend also sustained injuries and are fighting for their lives in a hospital.

Meanwhile, officials are still investigating the cause of Christian’s death, and an autopsy has been carried out, the result of which his family is hoping on to get justice through the lawsuits against Entergy and ERCOT.

In the meantime, they have opened a GoFundMe account in Christian’s name to raise enough money to get his body back to Honduras, where his grandparents live.

In other news, President Joe Biden has officially declared a major disaster in Texas.

As a result, millions of families in Texas have been warned that the state’s filtration system has been compromised and are, hereby, advised to boil water before consumption.

But that’s a daunting task for many, given that there is no power to do so.