20 Females Show How Different The Same Person Can Look In A Photo

Sometimes you take a photo and bam, you look like a model ready to grace the cover of a magazine. Other times, even on the same day or within the same span of minutes, you can look like some sort of double-chinned train wreck.

Lighting, angle, and a dash of luck all play a role in how we look in pictures. In our Instagram-filled world, people post the most beautiful photos of themselves, causing the rest of us to feel some serious selfie-envy.

Just remember, if you looked through the camera roll of anyone with picture-perfect selfies on their social media, you’d find a whirlwind of less-than-flattering photos.

Even the most beautiful people can ‘uglify’ themselves – either on purpose or on complete accident. To see what we mean, just keep on scrolling!

1. A Disney villain just waiting to be created… or is that Ursula?


You might be surprised (or even delighted) to learn that hideous facial contortion is a real sport. Founded in Britain as far back as 1297, gurning competitions originated with people eating super sour apples at the Egremont Crab Apple Fair.

In British English, a gurn or chuck is defined as a wildly distorted facial expression. Typically, a gurn involves moving the lower jaw as far forward as humanly possible while covering the upper lip with the lower lip.

2. Those glasses!


According to the English Dialect Dictionary, the word gurn officially means “to snarl as a dog; to look savage; to distort the countenance.”

In addition, the word “gurn” may also refer to an involuntary facial muscular contortion experienced after consuming MDMA – more commonly known as ecstasy (E).

3. Did someone say dinner’s ready?!


Gurning contests are a rural English tradition – that have now swept the Internet. Held regularly in some villages, gurning contestants often frame their faces in a horse collar while making their best crazy face.

People travel from all over the world to compete for the title of ‘ugliest face.’

4. Taking the duck face to another level


In many cases, people with no teeth sweep the competition because this allows them to move their jaw farther forward. Therefore, gummy elders are especially proficient at gurning!

5. “My mother told me I shouldn’t keep posting this just in case a boy saw. Hello, Boyz”


In 1998, and for four consecutive years thereafter, Peter Jackman rose to fame as England’s best-known gurner. He won the world championship four times with a face called the “Bela Lugosi.”

In 2000, he went so far as to have his teeth removed to make it easier for him to maneuver his facial features around. Now that’s dedication to your sport!

6. These photos were taken of the same girl during the same week


Then there’s Tommy Mattinson from the UK; he won the top prize at the World Gurning Championship every year between 1986 and 1987 – and then 10 more times between 1999 and 2010.

As for females, Anne Woods won the world title 28 times.

7. Two photos taken on the same day


People often compare gurning to the classic ‘duck face,’ although the duck face is something ladies do on social media to look cuter, and to accentuate their cheek bones, while gurning, well, not so much!

8. “I am very proud of the photo on the right”


Trying to take a good selfie instead of gurn-worthy selfie? Here are some tips to help…

  • Make sure you have excellent lighting; natural sunlight is ideal. According to the pros, holding a piece of white paper underneath your chin offers a natural bounce of light while illuminating the face. In addition, it reduces the appearance of a double chin.
  • Avoid taking a selfie where there are shadows cast across your face – this will epically destroy your selfie game.
  • Take a lot of selfies. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince charming, and you have to take a lot of selfies to find your best self.
  • Flaunt a natural smile and expression, and don’t try too hard!

9. “This face scares my dad”


10. Hair can make all the difference


11. Truly terrifying


12. Makeup and facial expression = everything


13. Demon rabbit


14. A true talent


15. This looks like an age progression!


16. “This is so embarrassing to put out into the world, but the photo on the right has brought tears from laughter to my close friends… so I wanted to spread the joy”


17. If you keep doing that, it just might stay that way!


18. Another Ursula!


19. Mr. Bean?!


20. “My cat and I, pretending to be thumbs”


h/t: Bored Panda