Grandmother, Age 95, Becomes Oldest Woman in Italy to Recover From Coronavirus

A 95 year old woman in Italy has just become the oldest woman to beat COVID-19, or Coronavirus.

Alma Clara Corsini was admitted to Pavulo Hospital in Italy on March 5th after recognizing that she had some of the symptoms consistent with COVID-19. She resides in the North of Italy, which has been a hot spot for positive cases.

Corsini is the oldest woman to have survived the virus! She was able to beat it without antiviral therapy, and says that her body responded very well and quickly to treatment from the heroic doctors who worked together across the country to come up with a proper treatment plan for her.

Her remarkable recovery even brought her recognition from Pope Francis! He wrote:
“In Italy, a 95-year-old granny is the first patient to be cured of coronavirus. Alma Clara Corsini has won this battle for her life to give us hope.”.

The landscape for survival in Italy is quite grim at the moment. 1,400 people passed away from the virus this weekend, and nearly 6,500 Italians are testing positive for COVID-19 each day. The average age of patients who are passing away from the virus is 79 years old.

And she’s not the only elderly person to make a recovery from this terrible virus:

101-Year-Old Man Who Survived Spanish Flu Pandemic Recovers From the Coronavirus

“Given the progress of the virus, it could not even be called a ‘story like many’ if it were not for a detail that makes the life of the person returned to their loved ones truly extraordinary.

Mr. P., from Rimini, was born in 1919, in the midst of another tragic world pandemic. He saw everything, hunger, pain, progress, crisis and resurrections. Once over the 100-year-old barrier, fate has put this new challenge before him, invisible and terrible at the same time. Last week, Mr. P. was hospitalized in Rimini after testing positive for COVID-19. In a few days, it became ‘history’ for doctors, nurses, and the rest of the healthcare personnel who treated him.

A hope for the future finds itself in the body of a person over a century old, as the sad chronicles of these weeks mechanically tell every day of a virus that is raging especially on the elderly.Yet, Mr. P. made it. The family brought him home yesterday evening, to teach us that even at 101-years-old, the future has yet to be written.”

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