7 Habits of Confident People That Make Them Incredibly Lovable

Confidence is described by Psychology Today as “a belief in one’s own self and one’s ability to succeed”.

As we go through life, deal with trials, and succeed despite difficult circumstances, we build up our confidence.

Truly confident people are calm, hard-working, and eager to help others- they trust in their own resources enough to know that they can be shared freely.

Here are some traits of confident people that also make them incredibly lovable. 

1.They make eye contact

People who are naturally confident and unafraid to show it move through the world with a calmness and grace that often inspires envy in others.

It’s easy to see when someone is confident in their own abilities- they’re assertive without being arrogant, relaxed while still being attentive, and calm under pressure.

One way that confident people show their confidence is through eye contact- they aren’t afraid to lock eyes with someone and give them their full attention.

Consistent eye contact in a business setting is a sign of respect, but in more casual situations, it reads as flirtatious and charming. 

2. They’re great active listeners

Eye contact is just one part of active listening, which is a great trait that many confident people have.

Active listening is when someone really listens to you, with their full attention, instead of simply waiting until it’s their turn to talk.

Anyone who has ever been in a conversation with someone who just doesn’t seem to be hearing them knows what we’re talking about here.

When someone gives you their full attention, it’s a selfless act, and can really make a person stand out from the crowd.

3. They radiate inner happiness

Truly confident people don’t require the praise or approval of others to be happy.

Confident people own their own happiness and realize that they are the only ones responsible for their emotional well-being.

Having a partner who is self-sufficient in this way, and who doesn’t put a burden on you to keep them happy and content is probably someone you’re going to want to keep around.

It’s easy to be around someone like this, who is emotionally responsible, and easy to see why this makes them an extremely lovable person. 

4. They don’t judge others

People who are confident in themselves are not the type of person who passes judgement on others.

The kind of people who are actively involved in other people’s business, judging the choices that they make in their lives tend to be people who are secretly anxious about their own choices.

They need to be continually putting other people down in order to make themselves feel more confident about their own opinions and actions.

People who are truly confident don’t need to do this- they’re comfortable enough with themselves that they freely celebrate the choices that other people make.

5. They aren’t afraid to be wrong

Another great thing about confident people is that they’re not afraid to admit when they’re wrong.

It can be incredibly demoralizing to argue with someone who is so afraid of being wrong that they kept coming up with new opinions and arguments that move further and further away from the point.

People who are confident are not afraid to admit when they’re wrong, and are eager to learn from their mistakes, which is a great quality in a romantic partner.

One of the most loving acts that a person can do is admit when they’re wrong, and work hard to fix their mistakes.

6. They love showering attention on others

Confident people, who move through the world assured of their own position, are not afraid to celebrate others.

They don’t seek personal glory, because their satisfaction and joy comes from seeing their hard work come to fruition.

Instead, they deflect attention when it comes their way, or find a way to humbly acknowledge the praise while giving credit to those who helped them along the way.

A lovable partner or spouse is someone who continually celebrates your achievements and seeks to give you attention rather than take it for themselves.

7. They focus on the positive

One of the greatest things about confident people is their ability to focus on the positive.

Some people think that positivity is innate, but it’s actually a habit that needs to be practiced in order to improve your outlook.

If people focus on thinking positive, it will soon become second nature.

Confident people use positivity as a way to bolster their own confidence, and are eager to encourage others.

Having a partner cheering you on is a loving act, and shows their confidence in your abilities as well as their own.