This Husky Raised By Cats Acts Like A Cat

There are few breeds as diverse as cats and dogs.

Stereotypically, dogs are openhearted, loving and non-judgmental.

Cats are harsh, critical, and don’t you dare pet them without first seeking permission.

Cats also like to be left alone while dogs can’t get enough attention—and it doesn’t matter from whom, they just have to have it!

So when you get a dog that acts like a cat, it doesn’t take long before you notice something is off.

You might call Tally the official ‘cat dog.’

Tally’s owner knew his dog was very cat-like, but after posting photos online he was given the confirmation he needed.

People have gone wild for photos of Tally, simply because the dog has the same mannerisms as a cat.

Tally’s current owners adopted her when she was 2 years old, up until that point they were told that she was raised alongside cats.

Even though they have no proof of this, it seems fairly obvious that cats gave Tally an example for life.


The first photo of Tally to go viral pictured her sitting with her legs folded all cat-like beneath her—and the fantastic feline qualities don’t end there.

She looks like husky, but she is also part malamute and “something else” according to her owner.


While malamutes are often known for being somewhat ‘cat-like,’ Tally’s behavior is above and beyond feline.

And besides, if you search “malamute” none pose quite like Tally does.


There are four distinct reasons photos of Tally prove cats raised her, she lays, plays, gets into trouble, and stays quiet just like a kitty cat.


The first thing Tally does that’s really cat-like is lay like a cat.

Sometimes that means her legs are tucked under her body, other times that means she lies on her back, paws extended upwards or up against a wall.


And while a lot of dogs like to lounge on their backside, most do so because they want you to scratch their belly.


Just like your typical cat-tease, Tally is not a fan of having her belly rubbed;

she just likes to hang out belly side up.


If you do rub her tummy, her owner reports that she looks at you distastefully and even grumbles a bit until you stop.


If you have cats of your own you know just how much they love to play in cardboard boxes.

When I bring home a box my cats go crazy, I always feel bad to recycle it because I know they treasure it as their new toy.


Dogs aren’t usually so inclined to climb in a box and call it a good time.

That is unless you are talking about Tally, who loves to hide in a good box for hours on end.


Although you can’t hear any sounds through pictures, images of Tally are continually showing her with moth clamped closed, no sounds escaping her adorable little muzzle.


Her owner admits she is practically mute, and instead of barking at a passerby or newcomer, like dogs typically do, Tally prefers to sit and watch in silence.


Judging every last little thing about people, like every good cat does.


Tally, or Tao Tao, means mischievous in Chinese, which her owner finds perfect because that’s exactly what the dog is—mischievous, just like a cat.


Tally likes to get in trouble anyway that she can, either knocking over trashcans and sorting through the contents or trying to sneak upstairs to be closer to her owners.


Her family says they can tell how long she’s been waiting for them to come downstairs by what step she has crept up to.


While dogs are undoubtedly sneaky too, Tally is so cat-like her mischievous side screams, “It wasn’t me-ow!”