If you feel something calling you.

If You Have Any of These 9 Traits, You Just Might Be A Creative Genius

Creativity is the most powerful force in the world for breaking through the mundane drone of life and blasting some vibrancy into it.

We all have a smidge of it in our DNA, some more than others. But there are a lucky few in this world who are born a creative genius.

Creative geniuses are tasked with bringing to life the wondrous and the miraculous.

From people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Albert Einstein, or Steve Jobs, creative geniuses have fundamentally changed the way we perceive the world.

And while being at such a high level of creativity can be wonderful, it doesn’t come without it’s drawbacks.

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Here are a few traits of a Creative Genius, see if any sound like you:

1. They take a lot of risks

A creative genius does not have the same apprehension risk that most people have.

If they find that they want a desired outcome, creative geniuses go for it, no matter the risks of failure.

To them the regret that comes from not even trying is worse.

2. Creative geniuses adapt to change well

While most people get stuck on the way things are a creative genius is already rolling with the way things are becoming.

They don’t romanticize the way things use to be, but instead or constantly looking to help create the new. Within themselves as well as the outside world.

3. They see themselves as outsiders

While creative geniuses may have some friends, they usually feel as though they are on the outside of things.

They feel like they don’t quite fit in, and this drives them to create a world more like the one in their heads.

4. Motivated by more than personal gain

Creative geniuses usually go out into the world to create more for the sake of personal gain. They go out to create because they feel compelled to.

They have an itch that the world should look a bit different and they need to scratch it. To bring into this world what they feel in their heart, is their ultimate goal.

5. Creative Geniuses are more sensitive than most

The old notion that creative types are sensitive is true. In many study creative people rate various stimuli like loud noises or shocks, more intense than less creative people.

It’s what helps a creative genius create such emotional works of art, but can also make them more prone to mental illness.

As they feel everything more intensely than others.

6. Makes a lot of mistakes

Where others fear failure or making the wrong decisions, a creative genius will quickly act and deal with the consequences.

They aren’t afraid of making mistakes, and a lot of them at that.

They will continue to make mistake after mistake until they get things just the way they want it.

7. Great at “Connecting the dots”

A creative genius is great at looking at the world and seeing the solutions to problems other just can’t wrap their heads around.

They invent things we could have never even thought of, but now can’t live without.

Like putting a computer in your telephone.

Creatives look at the chaos in the world and are able to connect the right things together to turn them into a cosmos.

8. A creative genius keeps odd hours

When your mind is always racing, sleep can be a distant thought compared to getting your latest masterpiece down on paper.

Creative geniuses usually stay up late working and thinking of new ways to better the world. While others fall asleep easily after long days, creative geniuses are burden with thought after thought spinning through their heads.

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