Italian Nurse, 34, Commits Suicide After Catching Coronavirus, Fearing She Had Infected Others

Nightmare became a reality in Italy this past week as a young intensive care nurse took her own life after testing positive for COVID-19. Daniela Trezzi, age 34, had been one of the medical providers working tirelessly to stop the spread of this infection and give adequate care to everyone who needed it. Trezzi had worked in a hub of infection; she was treating hundreds of patients and had been practicing proper safety procedures.

When Trezzi found out she had contracted the disease, her first thought and worry was that she had unknowingly spread it to others, particularly those who were already vulnerable. She took her own life on Sunday as she was reportedly unable to deal with the thought that she had perpetuated the spread of the infection and possibly infected others.

The National Federation of Nurses of Italy has released the following statement on the matter:

“We express our pain and consternation over the suicide of our young colleague. Our 450,000 professionals will join together around the relatives and family of Daniela.”

The federation also was honest about the fact that Daniela is not the first instance of this happening. They wrote, “We are at risk of suffering these stressful conditions and a shortage of medical personnel, but this cannot be commented on now”.

Italy has been hit particularly hard; they have nearly 7 thousand deaths, almost double of that in China. Medics in Italy have also been faced with the heartbreaking reality of choosing which patients are able to get ventilator access; those who are likely able to survive the harsh stress that is put on the body.

According to Today, there are a number of ways that we can support our wonderful hero medical professionals who are working around the clock to ensure that COVID-19 infected patients are given the strongest chance of survival possible. Ways we can help support our heroic medical professionals include: donating to meal programs such as Uber Eats, continuing to donate blood, and donating medical supplies that we may have, in particular masks that are in such a great shortage right now.