Jack Nicholson Shocking Discovery of his “Sister” being his Biological Mother

Have you ever heard of real life stories that are super odd that you sometimes think things like that only happens in the movie?

Like when you go to the airport to go after the one that you love then you arrive just in the nick of time before their plane leaves? Or when you found out that you are the long lost child of a wealthy family?

Sounds odd right? But as random and as odd as it seems, things like that happen in real life. Well take for instance the real life story of one of the greatest actors in Holywood – Jack Nicholson.

Jack Nicholson, known to be one amongst the most versatile actors in Holywood was shaken when he found out a shocking truth about his life. Such revelation changed the everything in his life. And what shocking revelation is this?

At the age of 37, Jack Nicholson learned that the woman he thought was his sister was actually his own mother! Shocking isn’t it?

Unsuspectingly, Nicholson grew up in a pretty normal family setting.

He was raised by Ethel and John Nicholson who were his known parents.

Due to having issues with alcohol, the marriage between Ethel and John did not turn out quite well as they expected, leaving Ethel all the responsibility of raising three kids, Jack and his sisters, June and Lorraine.

However, as unexpected turn of events, Nicholson discovered that Ethel was not his biological mother.

He eventually found out that his real mother is June.

As discovered, June was only 17 when she had Jack. Working as a showgirl, having a baby was not really her priority and she was not ready to become a mother just yet.

And of course, the family couldn’t just abandon the then-child Jack so they came up with a solution to introduce Ethel instead as his mother.

While her real mother June, pursued her work and left their home 2 years later after she had Jack and eventually pursued to become an actress.

Fast forward fourteen years later, Nicholson went on to meet June who already settled in California with a family of her own, as June was his only family in the place. In his interview with the Rolling Stone, “Since my only relative in the world was June, who was out here, I came out to look around,” Jack said as he recalls the event.

He wasn’t sure what to do in California yet, but he was lucky enough to get a job in the cartoon department at MGM and has the opportunity to meet every famous star during that era.

As Jack started his making a name for himself in the movie industry , June has kept the secret even up to her grave. And everything was good for Jack and his remaining sister, Lorraine who also had a family of her own by now.

However, as being in show business and starting to get a name for himself – the revelation of truth did not exactly went out as pleasant.

A reporter was digging out spicy information on the actor when the reporter discovered the truth about June being his real mother.

As expected, Jack was extremely shocked at the news and was even frustrated not to have the capacity to verify the truthfulness of the news since both Ethel and June had already passed away.

However, Jack remains persisted in knowing the truth. He resorted on asking Lorraine’s husband whether he or his sister knows the truth.

Lorraine’s husband was quick to deny it however, he called him back on the evening saying that his sister, Lorraine was crying hardly and soon then revealed the truth to Jack.

He then was able to confirm the news. Learning the news,  Jack stated that his only emotion is gratitude. Moreover, he celebrated the life of June and Ethel saying that :

“These women gave me the gift of life. They trained me great, those ladies. I still, to this day, have never borrowed a nickel from anybody and never felt like I couldn’t take care of myself. They made the imperative of my self-sufficiency obvious.”