Journalist Attempts To Shame Man For Proposing At KFC, Now Some Of The Biggest Companies Are Offering To Pay For Their Wedding

True love has nothing to do with fancy restaurants or diamond rings. Instead, it’s all about two people who share a special connection.

You can make all the money in the world and never find true love, while someone making minimum wage could be living the greatest love story of all.

Speaking of love… who doesn’t love KFC? One man recently decided to use the fried chicken chain to propose to his girlfriend. The now iconic proposal took place in South Africa.

The moment ended up captured on film, and most people find it incredibly sweet and heartwarming. Unfortunately, there were some haters out there who decided to poke fun at the man and essentially call him a broke joke – not cool.

Good prevailed in this case because the Internet decided to turn on the journalist who poked fun at the situation. Even better, a variety of people have come together to make sure the couple has the best wedding and honeymoon possible.


Here’s the couple enjoying their meal when the man popped the big question…


Someone passing by the restaurant in Vaal, South Africa happened to capture the sweet moment on camera. The video shows the woman tearing up as the man grins ear to ear.

The woman said yes, and the pair couldn’t possibly look happier. Prompting more onlookers to capture photos and videos of the chicken-fueled proposal.

Sadly, a journalist named Anele couldn’t see the beauty in the moment and instead tried to drag the happy couple down.

“SA men are so broke they propose at KFC.. they have absolutely no class, I mean who proposes at KFC #KFCPropsal,” she wrote.

Twitter @Butterfly_Anele

People were quick to respond to Anele’s tweet with anger, shocked that someone would try and insult a couple who is so happy in love. Who cares where they shared their proposal?! For all we know, KFC holds a special place in their hearts and signifies something about their relationship.

Anele brought the heat but she couldn’t take it. Her nasty tweet has since been removed and she’s made her Twitter account private.

Meanwhile, KFC South Africa went to work trying to find the couple behind the viral footage.

“Please help us find this beautiful couple, [we want to be blessers]. DM us any leads, there might be a Finger Lickin’ Good surprise in it for you too. [Vaal people, help us]! We love love,” KFC South Africa wrote in their tweet.

It didn’t take long for the Internet to identify and locate the couple. The man is Bhut’ Hector and his beautiful bride is Nonhlanhla.

KFC isn’t the only mega corporation to jump at the opportunity to help spoil the engaged couple. A number of other big-name brands have offered to donate all kinds of things – from new clothes to new phones.

PUMA offered the couple $680 in fresh threads and Huawei is gifting the couple new phones.


McDonald’s SA has the honeymoon covered – they’ve offered up an all expenses paid trip to Cape Town where they’ll get to enjoy the VIP experience at Toni Braxton’s As Long As I Live tour.


The couple doesn’t have to worry about transportation on their honeymoon, Uber offered to take care of that!


KOO Food gifted the couple groceries worth a cool $1,300.


Best of all? The Standard Bank has offered to pay off the couple’s loans up to R300,000 – that’s over $20,000!


A jewelry company even stepped in to donate two beautiful rings, one for the bride and one for the groom!


The couple has also received offers to take care of the cake, dress, and other important parts of their wedding day.



The newlyweds can enjoy moving into a renovated home as well, considering Moremi Kitchens is offering them free renovations.


Representatives of KFC were incredibly pleased with how the situation turned out for the couple.

“A bucket full of love for Mzansi’s* favorite couple in true SA style, umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu,** thank you to each and every one of you South’A. Our bucket overflows with love,” they wrote on their Twitter page.


*Mzansi—an informal name for South Africa

**Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu—a saying that means, “a person is a person through/because of (other) people” or—”you are who you are because of how you relate to others around you.”