Kate Hudson Found True Fatherly Love in Her Stepdad Kurt Russell After Being Abandoned by Her Biological Father.

Family is such a simple yet somehow complicated dynamic.

There are families that live a life just like out of a magazine, perfect and complete. While a lot of people have separated families, their parents getting a divorce, parents re-marrying, or being left out.

And sometimes, we don’t like the idea of having a stepmom or a stepdad or even stepchildren as a matter of fact. But love grows and it is not about whose blood flows in you – but rather than the real bonding of people who grew together and formed a unit of their own.

Just like the famous Holywood actress, who opened up about her real emotions of not having her real father with her while she openly expressed how grateful she is for Kurt Russell, also an actor, who is her mother’s boyfriend who practically raised both her and her brother.

Experiencing the pain of having an estranged father is something that Kate Hudson can relate to herself. Not being raised by her own biological father may have put a dent in her heart, yet Kate knows that sometimes you don’t need to have your biological father to feel that kind of fatherly love you wanted to feel.

True fatherly love comes from those people that make you feel like their own – whether you are tied with them by blood or by love alone.

Kate and Oliver both come from the marriage of the actor-slash-singer Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn on their marriage back that lasted only 6 years from 1976 to 1982. After their marriage, both decided to get a divorce leaving Kate and Oliver with their mother.

But Kate never really had to feel like she doesn’t have a father, thanks to her mother’s boyfriend after divorce – Kurt Russell who practically became a father for her and her brother. For Kate, Russell did a good job in raising them as his own.















In her past interview with Vanity Fair, Kate told the magazine that Kurt is her father. Moreover, she added that “Kurt is a savior who came into my life.



















As for her real father, the Bride Wars star said that he was mostly “in and out” of their lives. She said ” I don’t hate him for it. I guess what I feel is frustration and curiosity — like, what was it about me he didn’t want to know?”

Like any other who are children of divorced parents, Kate questioned herself after Bill and Goldie’s divorce.

Though Kate made sure that she is not hateful towards her real dad, she openly expresses her disappointment for him not being able to even simply check on them. She was frustrated that he wouldn’t even be there for their birthdays growing up. She commented during another interview that  “The bottom line is, you call your kids on their f**king birthday. I’m glad I had a dad who was there on my birthday” referring to Kurt who has always been there for them.

At some point, Bill expressed how he doesn’t like his children calling Kurt “pa”. However, as far as everyone knows, Kurt has been more of a father to Kate and Oliver than he ever has been. Up to now, Kate still refers to Kurt as “pa.”

On her Instagram post, she posted a picture of Kurt holding her child, along with Goldie standing beside him with a caption “I love him to pieces ❤️ Happy Fathers Day to our Pa ❤️”

Kate hudson kurt russell

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While Kate’s post is all charming and sweet, her brother Oliver’s post about their biological father has been brutally honest. Posting a picture of young Kate and himself on his Instagram account with the caption “Happy abandonment day!” 

Kate hudson kurt russell

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It might have cost a bit of a fight between the children and their father, Bill eventually grew into talking terms. After all, they are all living a happy life with families of their own.

As for Kate in her interview at E!Online, she said “So for me, I recognize whatever those issues are is something he has to live with. That must be painful for him and I forgive him” referring to her real father.