Little Kid Hilariously Calls Out Plane Passenger For Putting Her Feet On His Seat


We’ve all been there. Tired of traveling and trapped on an overcrowded airplane, just counting down the hours until you reach your destination.

It can be bad enough when you have a bunch of quiet and considerate passengers surrounding you, but things can take an ugly turn if you’re faced with an inconsiderate passenger anywhere in your vicinity.

Perhaps you’ve got a chatty Cathy beside you, or,  even worse, someone who thinks it’s okay to put their feet in your personal space.

To make matters worse, let’s say those feet are bare – no shoes, no socks, just stinky toes. Yuck!

What do you do in this situation? Call them out and ask them to remove their nasty feet from your personal space? Ignore it and hope the icky feet will retreat where they came from?

The Internet is going gaga for this four-year-old boy’s reaction to this exact conundrum. The video of his reaction has since gone viral – and for good reason, just wait till you see it.

The naturally funny little boy was not about to let this person get away with nastily invading his personal space!

The little boy’s dad posted the video to his Facebook page. In the video, you see the adorable kid looking up at his dad with a cheeky grin, and then – as if out of nowhere – he announces: “I’ve got stinky feet behind me.”

Watch the video as it unfolded below:

Orlando Florida was good to us… but this little dude had me dying laughing on the flight back to Houston…. just click play… comment below… and don’t forget to share share share ???PS… to the lady behind us… again I apologize ???Follow Rodney’s Instagram page @JustRodneyOnealFollow me on Snapchat @ImFromTheStead for more hilarious videosTo use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Posted by Darryl Small on Friday, May 17, 2019

This four-year-old wasn’t shy about telling that lady to back off his space. He might be young but he’s old enough to know you don’t put your feet on a stranger’s chair.

If only the grown woman behind him (and every other person with the audacity to put their feet on other people’s airplane chairs) would have enough sense to know this.

Unfortunately, the footage cuts out right after the boy calls out the owner of the feet, leaving the Internet to wonder – what happened next?! Did the owner move her feet? Did she pitch a fit? Ignore the young kid? WE NEED TO KNOW!

Luckily, UNILAD scored an interview with the kid’s dad and we have the lowdown.

Rodney Small

Turns out the cute kid has a name, it’s Rodney, and his father is Darryl. The pair live in Houston, Texas and were headed to Orlando, Florida on Rodney’s first flight.

His father busted out his video camera to capture his son’s reaction to his first flight during takeoff. He never expected to capture his son calling out another passenger in the process!

As soon as Rodney noticed the intruding foot in his space, he got a shocked expression and before anyone could say or do anything to stop him – he asked her why it was there.

Rodney’s dad explained the incident:

“As a child he knew that putting your foot in someone else’s space was not kind at all. Although we don’t believe the lady intended to invade his space he reacted the way anyone else would react.

Sometimes adults hold back with confronting others to keep the peace but as a child he voiced his concerns and his facial expressions and reaction made it hilarious.”

Rodney Small

Lucky for Rodney and Darryl, the woman did not have a dramatic reaction to being called out. Instead, she simply apologized and removed her foot – hopefully to never strike again!

Darryl wasn’t offended either. In fact, he found the incident hilarious – just like everyone else around the Internet.

Rodney isn’t shy about all of the attention the video has earned him. In fact, he even has his own Instagram account @justrodneyoneal where you can keep up with his nonstop adventures.

So, the next time someone intrudes on your personal space in an airplane, take a page out of Rodney’s book and call them out!