Kids Expelled From School After Other Parents Find Their Mom’s OnlyFans Account

The kids of an OnlyFans Mom have been made to bear the brunt of the punishment after parents of other kids in the same school found out want she does for a living.

She’s now looking to explore other options for her kids.

The 44-year-old mom, Crystal, had initially started out on OnlyFans in an attempt to spice up the relationship with her husband but later converted it into a full-time job that earns her around her $100,000 monthly.

Crystal, who is known by the username Tiffany Poindexter on OnlyFans, has claimed that the parents of other kids in the school are bullying her, which have led to her children being told to ‘find another school’.

The school in question is a catholic school that has termed Crystal’s job ‘an unusual side-line’ and has gone on to expel her children from the school due to the recent media attention their parent’s image has brought.

Onlyfans, the platform on which Crystal makes a living is a content subscription service based in London, United Kingdom.

While the platform has several content creators who specialize in physical fitness and music, it is most popular with sex workers, and that seems to be the reason why parents of other kids in the school have reported Crystal, deliberating mostly the indecency.

Speaking on the basis on which the school booted out her kids, Crystal said it was a painful decision.

“We are incredibly shocked, unsettled, and confused.

We received the email at around 8 pm on Sunday wherein it was clearly written that our kids were no longer welcome in the school premises and that they shouldn’t resume from Monday,” she explained.

She said she and her husband have been confused about what to do and that the kids have been upset since they were told about the school’s decision, plus having to explain to them exactly why they are not going to school is a tough one.

“We sat the kids down and told them ‘Hey, we will not be able to go to your school anymore’,” she said.

“However, we had to explain to them that it was us the school was having a problem with and not them,” she continued.

“We told them the whole situation has nothing to do with them and that the school just wasn’t cool with mum’s online modeling.

But they didn’t really have any idea of what that means, especially our youngest kid.

We just had to tell them that we aren’t allowed back, which was very disheartening,” she added.

Crystal and her husband, Chris, are yet to understand why their children are being dragged into what should be of no concern to them, with her husband deeming it a ‘strategic move’ the school pulled to remove their kids on a Sunday evening.

“That, to me, is a strategic move pulled by the school.

If at all they wanted our kids out, they should have given us a week to break the news to them so as to enable them to say goodbye properly and collect their things,” he explained.

“Alternatively, since this had everything to do with us and not the kids, they could have prohibited us from coming to the school premises and demanded that someone else comes to collect them every school day till the year ends.

That way, we’d have enough time to prepare a change of school for the kids,” he added.

As it is now, Crystal and her husband, Chris, are now looking to explore other options for their kids but are afraid that the other catholic schools around may deny them admission for the same reason.