25 Times Kids Renamed Everyday Things And Made Them Sound Way Cooler

Kids are incredibly creative. For one, they aren’t restricted by the same rules of speech that govern us grownups.

And sometimes, thanks to this fact, they come up with way better names for everyday things than us adults could ever think of. For instance, a battle unicorn instead of a rhino. Way better, right?!

Kids are great at coming up with funny, descriptive, and downright original names for items we’ve long ago given boring titles. Like ice, booorrring, isn’t water brick so much more fitting?

Gain new perspective on things you’ve long since stopped noticing, all thanks to the fully engaged child mind. It would be difficult for us rational adults to come up with names this cute or clever… this level of genius requires the untarnished mind of a child.


Wet drops of sad… perfection.



It’s official, I no longer call them rhinos… it’s battle unicorn from here on out!


Fun facts about language: 

There are around 7000 languages in the world 

40% of them, or around 2,200 come from Asia 


I’ll take a bowl of pride cheerios please


Some languages rely on letters, or an alphabet, while others use characters, like Chinese.

The world’s smallest alphabet (Rotokas) contains 11-12 letters. While the words largest alphabet (Cambodian) contains 74 letters. Although, that’s nothing compared to the 50,000 characters in the Chinese language. 


I’ll take my whiskey on water bricks


E is the most commonly used letter in the English language, it’s in about 11% of the words we use. As for the letter S, more words in the English language start with this letter than any other. 


That’s essentially what they are, right?


Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is the longest word in the English dictionary and contains an impressive 45 letters. It is a type of lung disease. Obviously, a child needs to rename this.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is yet another one of the longest words in the dictionary. It means fear of long words. Once again, I’m sure a child could come up with a better name than this. 


Who wants to take the robot stairs?


Around 450 years ago, the word “orange” was invented to signify the delicious fruit. Prior to that, the color was referred to as “yellow-red”.  


Everyone loves a dress with snack holes!


The average person uses around 4,800 words every single day – try and think of 4,800 words right now!


No one wants to put their teeth in tiny jails – yikes!


Every year, there are around 4,000 new words added to the English dictionary. So, there’s hope for all of the awesome and creative words on this list. 


That man has a lot of face grass!


There are over 200 artificial languages created for books, TV shows, and films. 


That’s what my remembery says!


The Pope tweets in nine languages, but it’s his Spanish account that has the most followers. 


Makes perfect sense to me


The second most popularly translated book is Pinocchio. In first place? The Bible. 


I think I’d rather have cat reflexes, cows aren’t as quick, they are slower to moooooooove.


Around 30% of English words come from French. Additionally, around 2/3 of all languages originate from Africa and Asia. 

Did you know Botswana has a language that largely consists of five primary “click” sounds? 


Every mattress needs some curtains!


Approximately one language goes extinct every other week. 


That’s one way to make the fun of halloween last all year long



Way to make everyone at the funeral hungry



Book lookers sounds like a good name for a book store



Ambulance? BORING! Wee woo truck? PERFECTION!



Poke bowls, poke trees, these are a few of my favorite things



Tree veins just makes them seem so much more human



That’s because her daddy is probably buying airplanes



Not sure why it isn’t a leg pit… makes perfect sense, although knee pit might be even better



Poop juice for baby, mama juice for me!



Gubble bum <3

While it might be cute, many grown-ups complain that because their parents didn’t correct certain words they ended up being embarrassed after someone corrected them later in life…




Because pizza has feelings too



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