19 Kids Who Respond To Life With The Most Hilarious Answers

Kids are the light of their parents life and the future of our world.

Their innocence is a wonder to behold through the adults eyes with all the baggage we carry and the seriousness that has been drilled into our minds through years of school and work.

But kids still have that lightness about them that give them the power to say some of the most hilarious things that will catch you off guard.

Because it’s something you’d never expect a regular person to say.

Often times we look at life way too seriously.

There can be a lot to learn from these children’s hilarious responses to life.

Continue to scroll down and enjoy the wonder and joy that is the child like mind.

1. What you should say when they ask your name.

2. To my oldest Mommy

3. I feel this kid’s words so much

I agree 7 year old.

The homework inventor is the worst of all the inventors.

4. Really, what’s the difference?

This little girl speaks the truth.

5. Just asking..

6. You have the right mindset kid..

This little girl is definitely on the right track.

7. Capri Suns would be cool..


8. Hahaha.. Wow.

9. Was it in color?

And how far in the snow did you have to walk to the movie theater to see it?

I heard it only cost a quarter.

10. Of course not. There are force fields around it.

Pshh. Didn’t those kids see the movie?

Did they forget about the force fields?

11. That must really hurt coming from a three year old. Ouch

12.  Why do kids have to be so hilarious, but devastatingly mean sometimes. Wow lol

13. That’ll show her!

So that’s what being grown up means? It all makes so much more sense now.

Thank you oh wise 2 year old.

14. Obviously it’s the dad’s fault

If you wanted them to be on time, you should’ve started yelling at them a lot earlier dad!

15. Wow that’s really saying something about the upcoming generation..

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16. Can’t argue with that logic

17. He just blew that little kids mind!

18. Show those kids your cat right meow!

19. Savage!

What do you think of these kids hilarious comebacks to life?

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