35 Of The Most Fire Memes From Game of Thrones Season 8 (Spoiler Alert)

As the end of Game of Thrones nears, some of us cry and huddle in distress – what will we do with our lives, what will bring us excitement each week?

Others can’t wait for the end to finally come, especially after what many are calling the butchering of a beautiful show in just a few episodes.

Regardless of how you feel about the latest developments in the show, no TV show has captured the world’s attention quite like GOT.

Episode 5 wasn’t easy on the viewer with one brutal massacre following another, until we couldn’t stomach it anymore! Even Emilia Clarke couldn’t take it…

Here are some of the best Game of Thrones memes hitting the Internet following the nightmare that was episode 5…

1. Was the show bright enough for you?

Not EVERYONE hated episode five, some people went so far as to say it was the best episode ever. Needless to say, if you have a Dany tattoo or named your child Khaleesi, you probably feel a little silly right about now.

Love it or hate it, people are still wild about the show, including Christian, who operates the popular Game of Thrones fansite Game of Thrones Fans.

“Well first of all, as you probably saw, this season is just getting worse by the episode and its not because of the effects, it’s because writers have been writing poorly since 3rd episode,” he told Bored Panda in an interview.

“First, it started with killing Night King so easily and giving fans something they wanted for so long, but without any kind of satisfaction or twist in the episode.”

2. At last, now look who’s the tallest Lannister alive

3. GOT version of Instagram vs reality or campaign trail vs. in government

“The story after they started the attack just went straight ahead to destruction, and if it wasn’t for couple of small scenes to save the day, it would have been a total disaster.” He compares this to episode 3, in which writers made the same mistakes.

Christian is just thankful for scenes like the death of Varys Cleganebowl and the battle that took place between Euron and Jaime.

“Fair enough, they made Dany as the ‘mad queen,’ but why not show some emotion or reaction while she was on drogon destroying the city? Or at least give some background story to it,” he adds.

4. I got 99 problems…


Christian has no guesses when it comes to what the final episode will throw at us. Everything about this season has been so unexpected, so all he can guess is that more unpredictable madness is to follow.

He still takes a stab at a prediction: “Maybe Arya will kill Dany since she saw first hand what she did in King’s landing.”

5. Best Ways to Kill Cersei

Christian admits he is intrigued by a theory presented by the Facebook page A song of Ice and Fire.

“All the green explosions you see while Daenerys flies above King’s Landing setting the city on fire are the caches of Wildfire that Aerys II had his Pyromancers stockpile all around the city,” he explained.

“Cercei and Tyrion didn’t find them to use against Stannis’ fleet back in the second season just before episode nine, Blackwater. As a friend pointed out, in a way it was Aery’s wrath taking his revenge on the city through her daughter.”

Hmmm… that is a curious idea.

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6. When you realize the King Killer is dead and the big woman is available

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7. Weight of the World

8. Someone needed a map of the city 


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13. Oh the never ending Starbucks jokes

14. A record number of people have named their children (and pets) Khaleesi and Daenerys over the last few years… how does it feel now?

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15. Thank you, Sandor… RIP :'(

16. The Simpsons with the win


18. All the fans walking out like… (yeah, right!)

19.  The struggle is real


21. The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I DO!



23. When reality hits


25. Dracarys for everyone




27. Daenerys and her tricks

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28. “I know I said Dracarys but this isn’t what I meant…”

29. In their defense, they were told he was a traitor

30. Better yet, hold my Starbucks

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31. So, what were your theories?


32. The Walking Dead meets GOT


33. Ruthless behavior



35. You’re welcome