This Restaurant in Mexico Lets You Grub On Delicious Tacos Inside of a Colorful Volcanic Cave

Viva la Mexico! As if Mexican tacos isn’t enough reason to travel south of the border, imagine eating mouth-watering Mexican food in an underground restaurant that doubles as a colorful volcanic cave.

The incredible restaurant pictured is called La Gruta and it has captured the hearts of both locals and tourists, as well as a few famous faces. After all, it’s truly one of a kind and rich in historical flavor.

Situated in Mexico City, the unique eatery is located just 650 feet behind the famous 246-foot-tall Sun’s Pyramid built by the Aztecs nearly 2,000 years ago in the abandoned city of Teotihuacan.

Some come for the traditional cuisine, others come for the unique atmosphere and the long standing history in the area– all leave with full bellies, great photos, and an experience to talk about forever.

Simply entering the restaurant is enough to take your breath away as you venture deeper into the cave where you are surrounded by perfectly placed multicolored lights that illuminate the brilliant cave walls. From above, sunshine pours in through a hole in the ceiling.


Once in the belly of the cave, you are greeted by rows of white tables adorned with brightly colored chairs.

The spacious cave originated from volcanic activity and is surrounded by lush vegetation. Time and time again, people comment on the mystical quality that envelopes the place and makes it unlike anywhere else.

If you come at the right time (Saturday or Sunday), your meal is further delighted by the sights and sounds of mariachi or Ballet Folklórico performers.

On the menu you’ll find traditional Mexican dishes like barbocoa, tacos, ant larvae sautéed in wormseed herb and green chili, as well as escamoles al epazote. Not only is the food scrumptious, but it’s also beautifully presented.


If the atmosphere alone doesn’t get you drunk in love, there is a wide variety of tequila and mezcal to choose from on the menu. Countless reviews rave about the food quality, as well as how authentic it is.

The restaurant is located in San Juan Teotihuacan, Mexico State. Just 650 feet away sits door number 5 of the Teotihuacan Archaeological site, tucked behind the Sun’s Pyramid.

“La Gruta Restaurant is one of the most traditional and impressive places in the area. Here you will get a chance to taste delicious dishes that mix local cuisine ingredients with pre-Hispanic culinary heritage, and enjoy traditional Mexican folk dance shows…” – La Gruta


Many people stop by the restaurant after spending time exploring the nearby Pyramid of the Sun, which is the largest building in Teotihuacan, as well as one of the largest structures in Mesoamerica.

It stretches 216 feet above ground level and measures an impressive 720 -760 feet from its base. This makes it the third largest pyramid in the world, right behind the Great Pyramid of Cholula and the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

The reason the pyramid was originally constructed remains unknown, although there are several theories floating around. Archeologists continue to study the pyramid and surrounding area.

As recently as 2011, more artifacts were found beneath the pyramid’s center. Animal bones, chunks of obsidian, pieces of clay pots, three greenstone human figurines, and a greenstone mask are among the latest discoveries.


Planning on bringing kids? You’ll be pleased to know that there is a kid’s menu. Plus, they offer free parking on site if you are traveling here by car.

Get ready to feel like royalty dinning here. After all, royal people truly have dinned here including Queen Elizabeth II. Other famous faces that have enjoyed a meal or two here include painters Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, as well as writer Jorge Luis Borges.

The restaurant strongly urges guests to make reservations ahead of time, especially on the weekends and when traveling with large groups.

While trips to Mexico are all about relaxing, and perhaps not being too diligent about time, it’s important to arrive early to your reservation at this restaurant. Experts advise getting there around 10 minutes ahead of your assigned reservation.

La Gruta

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