20 Mini Horses You Don’t Want Your Kids To See

Horses are dangerous, not because they are prone to hurting people but because they are incredibly expensive.

If your child sees any one of these mini horses they are going to want one, and while a miniature horse is cheaper to feed and easier to care for than a full size horse or pony, they are still a lot of work.

If you have adequate space and know how to care for horses a mini horse can make an amazing pet, I’ve had quite a few over the years.

Mini horses offer an excellent (and safer) way to introduce small children to the equestrian world, as they measure only 86 to 97 centimeters from their highest point.

The first miniature horses were developed in Europe during the 1600’s.

They were originally breed as pets but were also put to work in coalmines. The use of mini horses in mining greatly increased after the 1842 Mine and Collieries Act, which made it illegal for children to work in coalmines.

To this day mini horses remain popular amongst horse lovers everywhere, many of which keep them as pets and/or show them in a number of mini horse disciplines.

Mini horses are smart and friendly, which is why they are now being used as an assistance animal for people with disabilities.

It’s clear to see that mini horses rock, but that doesn’t mean you want your daughter or son falling in love with any of the mini horses on this list, unless you want to end up owning one… or two, horses big and small like to live in groups.

Like I said, horse ownership isn’t easy (or cheap), but looking at these adorable mini horses it’s easy to see how us horse owners get sucked in!

1. Mini Horse Being Led By Big Dog



Photo Credit: imgur.com

2. This Is The Picture That Will Turn You Into A Mini-Horse Owner… Who Doesn’t Want To Hold A Horse?!


Photo Credit: shockandawe 

3. Two Adorable Mini-Horse Foals Butting Heads Over Who Is The Cutest


Photo Credit: shh_im_not_here

4. Miniature Horse Getting His Meow On


Photo Credit: unknown

5. Baby Mini Horse And Baby Human, Nearly The Same Size


Photo Credit: unknown

6. Foal Snuggles Teddy Bear

tiny-horses-20__605Photo Credit: Quest Equine

7. This Adorable Mini Horse Is A Baby Appaloosa


Photo Credit: bluefuzzyoctopus

8. No Horse Trailer, No Problem!

This photo was shared via imgur with the caption: “My vet friend rescued a abandoned baby mini horse.”


Photo Credit: imgur.com

9. Horses Of All Sizes Are Great At Getting Along


Photo Credit: Unknown

10. The Parent Of This Child Is Already In The ‘Pony Trap’…


Photo Credit: Colonel Killgore

11. “There’s A Baby Miniature Horse Asleep In My Lap.” Lucky!


Photo Credit: karabshilling

12. Magical Mini Horse On The Go


Photo Credit: Antje Baermann

13. Scooby Boo The Mini Horse And Bear The Newfie Dog Spend Their Time Visiting The Elderly


Photo Credit: Robin Di Donato-Bidwell

14. I Might Be Small But I Am Mighty!


Photo Credit: DonnerDinnerParty

15. Mr. P The Mini Pony Thinks He’s One Of The Big Horses


Photo Credit: horsefiles.com

16. Furry Little Dude


Photo Credit: Twidbin

17. Tiny Horses Make The Furry Best Friends


Photo Credit: Richard Austin

18. But Watch Out Because They Can Be Crazy… Like This One Who Snuck Inside The House To Steal A Banana…


Photo Credit: Tarostar

19. And This Mini That Broke Off His Lead And Wandered Into These Guys’ Work


Photo Credit: horsefiles.com

20. Who Could Ever Be Mad At A Face Like That?!


Photo Credit: SandKitten