MMA fighter covered in Nazi Tattoos Tastes Defeat in Just 3 Minutes

An MMA fighter with Nazi tattoos competed at a Russian MMA promotion and suffered a ridiculous defeat.

Mikhail Turkanov, who appeared on the ring with various tattoos of Swastika symbol on his chest and upper right arm, faced his opponent Alibeg Rasulov in a welterweight match-up at Fight Nights Global (FNG).

However, the 33-year-old was the subject of criticism for the various Swastika symbols tattooed on his body.

The criticisms were still coming in when his opponent Alibeg Rasulov rained on him a barrage of punches that led to him being knocked out just 3 minutes into the match.

Rasulov had gotten him in a dominant crucifix position and was able to leverage that to finish him off in the first round, just when the match was beginning to get enthralling.

The footage of the brawl is making rounds all over social media and has been viewed thousands of times.

But a lot of users seem to have a problem with Fight Nights Global allowing someone with Nazi tattoos compete in the sport, which prompted many to resent Mikhail on sight, even before the match took off.

“That was quick. I thought Rasulov was going to finish him off in the third round,” joked a user in a comment under the clip of the brawl.

Another user commented, “A Nazi got his ass whooped at Fight Nights.”

Meanwhile, others who have aimed their criticisms at the organizers of the event reprimanded their decision to bring someone with Nazi tattoos to compete at such a large stage, with one user commenting, “Christ, I’m happy to see him get beaten but sad to see organizers of this event putting someone such as this on TV and even giving him a paycheck. F****ing hell!”

Another user wrote, “Very bad image Fight Nights Global are giving yourselves, allowing a Nazi to compete in your promotion.”

This begs this question, what makes the Swastika symbols tattooed on Mikhail’s body hated so much? The symbol was, in fact, an indicator of good luck and auspiciousness until the 1930s, when the right-facing tilted alternate was adopted by the Nazi as an emblem of the Aryan Race.

Despite that it symbolizes prosperity and good luck in today’s world of Buddhism, Hinduism, and others, many people in the west still strongly associate it with antisemitism and Nazism due to the Holocaust and World War II.

This deep-rooted averseness for Nazism prompted another social media user to say, “This will most likely go on to be the most viewed fight in the history of the Fight Nights Global.

I’m all for seeing the Nazi’s get knocked out, but I don’t want to promote this behavior by viewing their content.”

Mikhail, obviously, was dealt some really heavy blow, and viewers have been divided on whether the brawl ended too early, given that he still managed to walk fine after having his skull battered.

“I don’t know if it was alright that the fight was stopped early or if it should have lasted into a late stoppage wanting to see this one go on a bit longer,” commented a viewer.

Meanwhile, other viewers of the event have come out to defend the symbols tattooed on Mikhail’s body, with one saying, “The Swastika is used as a symbol of spirituality and divinity and was peculiar to the cultures of Eurasia.”

However, he was quickly responded to by many, with some pointing out that what he said they symbolize is non-existent in today’s world.

“Even if that was anything to go by, it is obvious Mikhail’s Swastika is an imitation of the one used by the Nazis,” responded a user.

In the end, many tweets have echoed the sentiment that sport companies should refrain from paying athletes who carry any symbol of Nazism.