See What Happened When This Mom Let Her 3-Year-Old Boy Dress Her For A Week

You might be hesitant to let your little kid pick out his or her own outfit to wear, but what about letting your child pick out your outfit?

Kind of scary to think about… after all, kids have some crazy ideas about fashion.

Summer Bellessa decided to push her fears aside and give her son a chance to dress her up.

After picking out her son’s outfits nearly every day for his entire life she decided to switch things up. She asked her 3-year-old son named Rockwell to pick out her outfits for an entire week.

Rockwell put his mommy in all kinds of crazy things, like mismatched shoes (more than once), funky socks, and asymmetric patterns, but in the end it was all worth it. And some of his outfits are actually cute!

Summer is a blogger at, where she shared her week of wild outfits. Bellesa writes,

“A lot of being a mom is telling people what to do.

It was therapeutic for both of us to change roles, if even in this small way.

He enjoyed having his opinions heard.”

Day One

Hello, farmer girl in heels!


“The first few items were great: my Bob Dylan tee, with a gray skirt, and tights.

I think I’ll put this in my rotation…

But then before I could finish, he pointed to my nude heels.”

The first day Summer came downstairs wearing clothes picked out by Rockwell she imagined a dramatic reaction from her husband.

Instead he said nothing, he didn’t notice anything different about her apparel at all.

Day Two

Summer’s favorite outfit of the week, ours too!


“This was probably my favorite day.

These polka dotted Lula Roe leggings look great with my Mickey T-shirt…

It’s almost like an homage to Minnie.”

Day Three

A summer dress to get mommy singing in the rain, and knee-high socks to help keep her warm!


Rockwell pointed out to his mother that the dress and socks match because they both have flowers. Summer writes of this outfit, 

“I was a little self-conscious running my errands that day, but again, to my surprise I didn’t get one double-take or stare of curiosity.

Instead, I got a woman who stopped me to tell me she liked my socks!”

Day Four

Rockwell gets a lesson in fashion: mommy must have pants on before going outside.


“This outfit was a little more of a challenge.

He picked out three shirts for me …

and that’s it.

‘Mommy can’t go outside without any pants on,’

I explained to my 3-year-old.

‘How about we switch one of these shirts for a pair of pants?’” 

You might not be able to tell at first glance, but upon closer inspection Summer is actually wearing two different pairs of cheetah print shoes.

She doesn’t think Rockwell noticed his shoe mix-up, but she was a good sport and wore the different shoes regardless.


Day Five

Sporty outfit with two different boots!


“He also pulled out two boots, a rain boot and a brown cropped boot.

He looked at them and asked, ‘Are these close enough?’”

 Rockwell was too busy trying to find pants with arrows on them to think about matching shoes, Summer explains arrows are one of his favorite shapes.

The whole experience taught Summer a lot of important life lessons, like there is no reason to worry about what you are wearing because no one really notices.

Summer writes,

“The pressure we put on ourselves to look a certain way is just that: pressure we put on ourselves.

I wore two different shoes for two days, and no one noticed until I pointed it out.”


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