People Are Listing Their Mom’s Go-To Lines As Hilarious Album Tittles

Mother’s Day has come and gone but moms should be appreciated every single day of the year for all that they do. Before you were even born, they gave up wine for 9 whole months, and after you were born, they gave up sleep for many more months.

The love and sacrifice that moms give is unmatched. Plus, they are pretty funny – even when they don’t mean to be. In proof, people are sharing their mom’s favorite one-liners as album titles, and the results are hilarious.

It all started when USC professor David DeWeil encouraged people to share their mother’s famous lines, in album form.

It has since taken off and become an Internet sensation. See for yourself!

People are keeping the hits coming with chart toppers like “There’s Food at Home” and “You Couldn’t Wash the Dishes”

“Did You Take Out the Chicken” – a classic around my house 

In 2008, there were 5.3 million stay at home moms. In 2010, that number decreased to 5 million stay at home moms.

According to estimates, moms would be paid $138,646 for their work in the business world.

“I’ll Give You Something to Cry About” is clearly a popular jingle with the 2 billion mothers around the world.

64% of daughters between the age of 8 and 21 have a similar taste in movies to their mothers, while 44% share the same fashion style.

“Boy, You Better Pick That Up” sounds catchy AF

“There’s Food at Home” – Every mom, everywhere

Speaking of food, this mom dropped a ‘Grocery Store Edition’ album


Another grand master hit: “I’m Not One of Your Little Friends”

Did you know that Tuesday is the most popular day of the week to have a baby? It’s true! According to the numbers, in 2008, there was an average of 13,415 births on Tuesdays.

This mom’s one hit wonder topped all charts – “I’m Not Takin Care of NO Babies”

The Hot Stove Remix is a classic fave

Then there’s the country crooner “Were You Raised in a Barn”

Untitled (The Look) – Now that’s one we all know! 

“You Betta Watch Your Tone” and “Try Me If You Want To” (Spoiler alert: You don’t want to!)

70% of homes in the US make an effort to recycle, but nearly 2/3 of those families rely on the mother to enforce recycling efforts – thanks for helping to save the planet, mom!

“As Long as You’re in My House”

“Go (Before I Change My Mind)” Okay, Destiny’s Child

When you leave the windows open with the AC on… “We Airconditioning the Outside?” – A summer jam

“Did You Put on Weight?”

“Ima Embarrass You…”

The average woman in the US has 2 children in their lifetime.

The world’s highest birth rate is in Niger, where the average women has 7.75 children. The lowest birth rates per women are found in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore, where women have an average of 1.2 children.

“U Sleep Like You Have 3 Jobs”

That’s a wrap!