6 Signs that It’s Time to Move to Another City

People move for all sorts of reasons– new job, a relationship, a vacation gone rogue.

But what happens when your new city or your hometown no longer feel like where you should be?

We outgrow our environment.

It happens.

Whether you’ve been there your whole life or just a few months, it doesn’t take much to realize you belong somewhere else.

If you know what to listen for, somewhere new or somewhere familiar may be calling your name.

Here are 6 signs telling you it’s time to move to another city.

You’ve Become Complacent

Complacency is the killer of passion and success.

A smug satisfaction in the repetitive design of your weekly schedule may be keeping you from growing in so many sectors of your life.

With nothing new happening or few challenges to face, your resilience won’t flourish, your social skills won’t expand, and before you know it 5 years go by and not much of your life has progressed.

Research suggests that becoming complacent makes you more likely to feel depressed, victimize your circumstance, and become unable to rationalize removing yourself from the very situation or environment from which your complacency breeds.

Complacency can disguise itself as comfort and familiarity, perhaps even stability.

A good way to understand whether you’ve become complacent in your current environment is if you don’t find yourself setting personal goals anymore.

Are you defining and finding purpose in meaningful goals at work, in your relationship, or physical health?

Or are you in a town where nothing changes so you don’t intend to?

Small Town Woes

The flashing lights of a bustling city may not be calling your name, but are you really meant for the slow and low expectations of your current town?

Even with rent being at an all-time low in small-town America, there is a reason these populations continue to dwindle.

It comes down to a few factors, the most significant of which are less diversity and fewer opportunities for new experience.

Psychological research suggests that in the long run, experieinces over possessions (affordable rent) create happier and more fulfilling lives.

Eventually, you will get bored with the same old people telling the same old stories with little to no influence or impact.

Stay long enough and you’ll become one of them.

Life Lacks Inspiration

The third sign telling you it’s time to move to another city is your lack of inspiration.

But wait, I’m not an artist or musician–do I need to be inspired?

Is it really worth moving for!?

Inspiration isn’t reserved for creatives.

Business incentives, technology, love, food, art all are driven by an individual or group of people who would describe their motive as inspiration.

Here’s how Harvard business review describes inspiration

“ Inspiration propels a person from apathy to possibility and transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities”

Though elusive in nature, a life lacking in inspiration also lacks possibilities, transformation, evocation, and motivation.

How much longer are you willing to sacrifice the very things that make life worth living?

You Feel Stuck

Naturally, if it’s time to move to another city, and you aren’t having new experiences, meeting new people, and lack inspiration–you’re feeling stuck.

A “stuck” sensation often feels like you want more, you crave more, but don’t go beyond thinking about it.

The planning stage never occurs and you resort to deeming the idea of moving to another city as some far-off distant fantasy that can never happen.

And, unfortunately, if that’s what you believe, you’re absolutely right.

But, to truly feel “unstuck”–pack your suitcase, find a roommate, and let the magic happen.

Feeling stuck will begin to eat away at your personal relationships, job or school performance, and anything else meant to make you happy.

These will begin to feel like forced experiences and no longer serve you.

Daydreaming Occurs More Often Than it Should

If your mind wanders off to places you’ve never been, imagines people you’ve never met, and pictures you doing things you’ve never done–it may be time to chase those experiences.

Not being present is a tell-tale sign that you are not where you’re meant to be.

It’s as obvious as it sounds.

Traveling Hasn’t Silenced Your Gut Instinct to Move

So, you thought you had a severe case of cabin fever so you believed you were following your gut when taking a last minute vacation.

It wasn’t until you were out $2,000, back in your same apartment, wondering the same thing– “what’s out there for me?”.

The answer just may be a new city. A new hood filled with people from all walks of life, experiences you’ve only had the chance to daydream about, and the opportunity to be inspired and grow as a person awaits.

So go.

Stop waiting.

Find a job, apartment, and your second wind in a new city.

If you don’t these 6 signs are sure to keep nudging you until you can no longer ignore them.