18 Things You Should Never Do Abroad… You’ve Been Warned

Do you count how many flowers are in a bouquet before gifting them to a friend?

In the Ukraine you want to, as an even numbers of flowers should only be presented at a cemetery.

Do you tip every time you dine at a cafe?

In Japan tipping in cafes is seen as an offense.

All around the world humans have created different rules, what seems completely okay in one location may be a terrible offense elsewhere.

World traveler Gulliver Globelink has seen plenty of people making mistakes that would be very easy to avoid if only people knew.

The creative traveler formulated 18 things you should never do abroad to help people make less of these mistakes and better fit in.

Researching a country’s laws, traditions, and customs prior to traveling will help you remain a favorite among locals, as opposed to a rule-breaking tourist. It may also keep you out of jail, speaking of which did you know it’s illegal to chew gum in Singapore?

Globelink focused on the most common mistakes foreign travelers make every day so that you don’t have to look like an ill-informed outsider the next time you travel somewhere new.

Happy travels!


If you’re wondering why some of these rules apply here are more detailed descriptions:

France: It’s rude to ask about money pretty much anywhere, but especially in France.

New Zealand: Honking is an insult of one’s driving ability taken rather seriously.

Japan: The Japanese take pride in providing the very best service sans tips.

Norway: Many locals don’t attend church and consider related questioning rude.

UK: Asking someone how much they earn can make them feel uncomfortable no matter where you are.

Germany: Local superstitions believe if you are congratulated prematurely for a birthday you might not live to see the actual date.

Chile: Eating with your hands is considered rude and manners matter here.

USA: Tips are a must; they are what service-based workers rely on to pay the bills.

Hungary: Clinking glasses is an old habit, but one that is largely avoided in Hungary, especially in regards to beer.

Ukraine: In Ukraine and most Slavic countries people bring an even number of flowers to the cemetery.

India: PDA, such as hand holding and kissing, is considered highly inappropriate and forbidden in public.

Mexico: Locals like to make jokes that are lighthearted and fun, so don’t take anything too seriously.

Turkey: The sign for ‘OK’ is an inappropriate gesture in Turkey that means something much different than ‘OK.’

Ireland: Locals don’t think they have an accent, so why confuse them?

Kenya: Calling someone by their first name is only acceptable after they call you by your first name.

Singapore: Eating on public transportation is gross just admit it.

In Singapore you should also avoid feeding the birds, throwing garbage or spitting in the street.

Italy: You can order a cappuccino at lunch or dinner but only if you want to stand out.

Italians only drink cappuccinos for breakfast.

China: Clocks and umbrellas are seen as bad luck when given as a present.

Photo Credits: globelink.co.uk