People Filed Complaints About This Stray Kitty Roaming Their Law Firm, Then The President Hired Him

Stray cats are not “cute” to everyone. Some people see them as pests. One kitten who was left roaming the streets of Brazil got labeled a pest by several people working at a law firm after they constantly saw him hanging around.

A few of the employees at the Order of Attorneys of Brazil filed complaints about the kitten loitering in the reception area.

Yet, this kitten was blessed with some seriously good luck.

Turns out, not everyone was put off by the cute kitty’s appearances at the Order of Attorneys of Brazil – which is essentially the same thing as the American Bar Association, so not a bad place to work!

A few kind-hearted individuals, in particular the president of the OAB, decided to hire the cat as a lawyer to make the complaints come to an end.

This is Leon, the adorable stray cat who decided to make the Order of Attorneys of Brazil his new stomping grounds.

He had his sights held high – not just any office building would do!

DrJeanette Laredo

Dr. Jeanette Laredo shared the kitty’s story on Facebook, explaining how he went from stray cat to Dr. Leon.

DrJeanette Laredo

Dr. Jeanette Laredo’s post instantly went viral – people were obsessed with the newest employee at the OAB.

Once a stray cat with no place to call home, Dr. Leon is now a lawyer cat with a big job – he is there to greet everyone who enters the building.

He has grown quite a name for himself with over 70,000 followers on Instagram.

He even has an official nametag so anyone who still wants to criticize the newest employee can stuff it!


And he’s regularly photographed with Auriney Brito, the President of the OAB, who gave Leon his job in the first place. 


Bored Panda had a chance to talk to a representative for Dr. Leon the lawyer cat.

“In February it rains a lot in the state of Amapá (Amazonia), so he arrived at OAB fleeing from the rain and thunder. For a week, he was fed and protected in a box. Until he got hired.”

The lawyer’s representatives told Bored Panda that people filed complaints about the cat because he was very small and they were afraid they’d step on him when he came to meet people.

“[They said] that there was no space for him because it is a serious institution. So the President [of the OAB] determined the hiring and gave him an employee badge.”

He’s no stray kitty now! In fact, he looks mighty professional wearing his official badge, bow tie and vest. 


There’s some buzz in the air about giving Dr. Leon his own office in the near future. Even better? The OAB is hard at work trying to protect more animals like Leon.

“We are finalizing the documents to launch an animal rights institute. It’s called Instituto Dr. Leon. Unfortunately, we cannot house all [the animals], so we will fund the NGOs in town. We will be an example for Brazil [to follow].”


So, what about all of those people who originally complained about the cat lingering in the reception area?

“Today, he is very dear to everyone. Even those didn’t like him got used to his presence and have fun with him. His favorite place is President Auriney’s sofa; he loves to play with his toys,” a representative for the lawyer cat explained.

Unlike all of the other employees at the OAB, this employee enjoys a diet of regular cat food!


Dr. Leon has been getting proper veterinary care as well. He was neutered a few weeks back and is fully recovered.

Unfortunately, veterinarians uncovered an issue with his vocal cords during routine checkups, which is a result of him suffering as a small kitten.

Leon doesn’t meow much but his caretakers at the OAB hope that with continued good care he will continue to thrive despite this setback.

“He hardly meows, but we keep taking care of him. This motivated us to create the institute to help abused and abandoned animals.”


Leon is the purrrfect greeter and loves his job


The work can be a bit tiring at times…


But it’s worth it considering he puts a smile on just about everyone’s face who walks through the door


He wears his ID card on his collar so no one ever mistakes him for a stray kitty again.


Needless to say, he’s clearly the cutest employee at the OAB! 


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