People Are Sharing The Petty Grudges They Have With Celebrities, And It’s Pure Gold

Have you ever had a real-life celebrity encounter? Was it a positive or negative experience? Maybe you’ve met a celebrity or two and it was a wonderful experience that you talk about all the time.

Many people meet celebrities before they get famous, which gives them an inner look at  the real person behind the media hype.

As you might expect, many people have had not-so-great experiences meeting celebrities and they never got over it.

Twitter has turned into a breeding ground for all of these petty celebrity grudges, and the results are hilarious!

1. Dani’s mom has never even met Brian McKnight but she’s still holding a grudge from his actions on a ’90s talk show

I think his gift was the serenade…

2. Who you callin’ Moesha?!?

In all seriousness though, didn’t Brandy play Moesha? This grudge might be warranted. I can’t imagine Emilia Clarke yelling at someone for calling her Daenerys.

3 & 4.  Meanwhile, in da club, Eddie Murphy got into it with one mom… and then he stepped on another mom’s foot, good thing he’s better at acting than going to clubs.

5. Don’t even talk to this mom about Queen Latifah… they got into a bar fight 27 years ago and she’d clearly start that battle all over again if given the chance!

6. If you’re going to take the last burger, you BETTER eat it!

You don’t know who’s watching and who will hate you forever for it.


7. LL Cool J better cool it throwing water on his audience, nobody wants their hair messed up!


I would have liked to have seen this lady’s face when this happened… did she keep singing along? Yell at the stage? I need more details.

8. Sounds like Danny Glover was the one who got disrespected in this case, but alright!

9. This dad still jelly that Earth, Wind and Fire basically stole his lady


10. Yolanda Adams, back away from my Preacher

Sometimes you don’t even need to meet a celebrity and they’ll still piss you off (I feel this)

At least someone feels bad for the celebrities…

Fame is far less common than a grudge. After all, only 0.0086 percent of the global population is a celebrity.

Chances are, even if you only have a couple Twitter followers, someone out there has a serious grudge against you.

So, now the question is… who is out there hating on you?!

Others just keep on grudging – cheers to that

It might be time to let the grudge go! According to numerous health experts, holding a grudge is bad for your health.  While 94% of Americans say they believe it’s important to forgive, only 48% said they almost always try and forgive others.

Charlotte vanOyen Witvliet, PhD, the lead researcher involved in the Hope College study, said that failure to forgive can hurt your personal health.

“When people think about their offenders in unforgiving ways, they tend to experience stronger negative emotions and greater [physiological] stress responses,” Witvliet told WebMD.

“In contrast, when these same people think about their offenders in more forgiving ways, they tend to experience great positive emotion, greater perceived control, and less potent negative emotion and stress in the short term.”

You heard them… let it go!