This Professor Has Learned A Lot Of Slang Words From His Students, Here’s His Impressive List

What you’re about to see is ‘Callahan’s Generational Z Dictionary,’ an awesome collection of phrases that Mr. Callahan (@lhs_sociology), a sociology professor at Lowell High School, has learned from his students over the years.

Usually, when grownups try and use slang they picked up from younger generations it doesn’t go over so well. It can seem stupid, or like they are trying too hard, or they might even use it completely wrong leading to an epic #fail.

But this teacher nailed it. He’s not trying to be cool and use the lingo, instead, he’s just trying to be his natural teacher-self and document it all.

Thanks to Twitter user @mewtailv2, the world got a chance to see the sweet list and they are loving it.

The neatly organized list features a column on the left that gives the term or saying, next to a column on the right that provides the teacher’s interpretation of the slang.

The results are hilarious to say the least. “Big mad = very mad” and “beat your face = apply makeup,” these are just a few of the classic examples you’ll find on his list.

Here are screenshots from the list, you can thank us later.


A force = Unnecessarily excessive effort

Bang 30s = To fight someone, as in a physical altercation

Beat your face/cake your face = Apply makeup

Bops = A modern enjoyable song

Bouta = I am about to…

Bread = Future money

Catch a fade/catch these hands = To get punched and/or knocked out

Clap back = Respond to an insult with an equal or greater insult

Clapped = A crazy person; someone who was punched

Crackie = Someone who juuls/smokes

Cross fade = Double inebriated


Deadass = I am serious; Are you serious? may be used as a question or statement of fact

Dead dogs/on dogs: See: deadass

Extra = Too much

Facts = I agree with what you just said; a confirming question; may be used as a question or statement of fact

Finesse = To steal

Finna = I or we are planning something

Flexed on = A verbal gesture of dominance

The game = life

Gassing/Hyping = Offering compliments; feeding one’s ego; “I’m trying to be like you.”

Gotta blast = I have to leave

Hardo = A try-hard


High key = Very obvious

Hip/get hip = Adopt a new trend

Hop off = Mind your own business

I’m dead = That was amusing

Jams = An old enjoyable song

Jawn = Thing, object, person, place

Low key = Not obvious

Mad mad/Big mad = Very mad


No cap = I am serious/no lie/for real

Nunya = None of your [business]

On blast = Expose/call out someone

Opp = Playing the opposite side; snitch; enemy

Periodt = See “facts”

Pull up/Come thru = An invitation

Put someone on = The act of getting someone on a trend

Rashing = To make fun of someone

Real one = Valid person – someone you trust

Run that = To take; to start


Secure(d) the bag = Money received

Shlitty = A good time

Sis = Exclamation of disbelief/universal nickname

Slaps = Of high quality

Slay = Do really well

Smacks = A tasty treat

Snack = A person who looks good

Stay up = You will be ok

Sus = Suspicious; shady

Take the L = Willingly making a sacrifice

Tea/Spill the tea = gossip


That ain’t it = Unacceptable – I do not approve

Tight = Extremely mad

Tryna = Trying to

Tweakin = Overreacting; ecstatic

Valid = Of high quality

We love that = Ironic/sarcastic response to something bad

Wig snatched = A term for an impressive or unimpressive act/appearance

Witchu = With you

Yahurrd = Are you aware

You got jokes/big jokes = A sarcastic acknowledgement of an unappreciated joke/insult

Yerrr/yerrr = Affirmative; call for attention

People agree that the reason these lists are so significant is that it’s a sociology professor who made them.

The definition of sociology is: the science of society, social institutions, and social relationships specifically : the systematic study of the development, structure, interaction, and collective behavior of organized groups of human beings.

He’s literally taking his study and applying it directly to his classroom, using his students as his subjects – brilliant.

While some of these terms were relevant back when I was in high school, we’ve come a long long way. 

Some people made jokes on the professor…

Needless to say, the Internet loves this professor and his list 

“a true gentleman and a scholar” 

“high key a real one”

One of his students included classroom visuals showing how he’s using the slang to teach history, even more brilliant 

His list is now growing thanks to Twitter users who feel the need to add words like “yeet” and “kobe” to his chart 

Mr. Callahan gives us hope for the future