This Tropical Island Lets You Cuddle With Puppies On The Beach For Free

Providenciales in Turks & Caicos is officially the next stop on my bucket list! This beautiful beachside paradise is offering the deal of a lifetime, the chance to cuddle puppies all day, for free!

All of the puppies are up for adoption, and who knows, maybe you’ll even find your future four-legged soulmate here. The organization behind this genius idea is Potcake Place, a rescue dedicated to helping stray island dogs.

Their mission is “to reduce the number of homeless potcakes on the island!”

The rescue got its name from the type of dog that is common to the island – a mix of German Shepherd, Labrador, and Fox Terriers.


The beachside cuddles will warm your heart while giving the dogs a chance to interact with humans and score some much-deserved lovin’.  Plus, it helps improve their chances of finding a home where they’ll be loved forever.

Typically, there are around 50 dogs in foster care at the shelter at any given time. The shelter is located in Saltmills Plaza in the Grace Bay area of Providenciales.

“We have a constant stream of puppies needing socialization and adoption,” the rescue writes.

Simply pop on in and ask about taking a dog down to the beach for a walk. From there, you’ll have your pick from many cute puppies to hang out with for the day.


“You can come by and take a puppy out to the beach – we’ll give you everything you need, you just need to supply some TLC.”

If one day isn’t long enough, you can always adopt! After all, these cutie-pies are in need of a furever home.

Not only is to free to hang out with the dogs, but adoptions are essentially free, as well. Donations are encouraged, and the non-profit could use all the help they can get. After all, they are run 100% by volunteers and have no paid employees.


“It helps them to socialize with humans while also giving them a chance to get out and run around on the beach,” the rescue is quoted saying on TipHero.

“The ‘potcakes’ are a mixed breed common to the area generally made up of German Shepherd, Labrador, and Fox Terriers. The cute name originated from locals feeding the homeless dogs scraps from pots of food.”

Potcakes have been cruising the island for decades – around 100 years by some estimates. By nature, they tend to breed a lot which means there are a lot of them. Most of which live on the streets.

A number of locals who live on the island have taken it upon themselves to feed and foster the dogs, but tourists are the main ticket off the island and to a better life.


“Some local residents help with fostering or feeding them, but most times, tourism is what helps these dogs have a shot at long lives.”

A quick search on Instagram reveals a whirlwind of magical photos of people playing with pups on white sand beaches with the sun shining and ocean waves crashing.


Reminds me of Exumas – where you can hang out with wild pigs on the beach. Although, this option is a little cuddlier.

Plus, if you fall in love easily, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can bring a dog home to be your bestie forever. On the other hand, the pigs are not up for adoption.

You can check out the available dogs for adoption on, where you’ll find pups like Destiny, who was just a babe herself when she was found on the streets about to give birth to a litter of puppies.

On their Instagram and Facebook page, they regularly share photos of doggos who have found their humans.


Don’t want to adopt a dog? Don’t plan to travel to Turks & Caicos anytime soon? You can still help by making a donation to the charity.

In addition, the charity is seeking “couriers” to chaperon the dogs on airplanes to their forever homes around the world. Learn more about how you can help here.

Source: HealthyFoodHouse