What The Real Life Versions Of Disney Princes Look Like

Perhaps your first crush was Eric from The Little Mermaid, even though he was clearly not real his pretty blue eyes, floppy hair and sweet pursuit of Ariel was still hard to resist.

Even if falling head over fins for a cartoon drawing seems a little silly, anyone that has ever found Disney Princes attractive is clearly smart.

The real life versions of Disney Princes are total hunks!

Thanks to Finnish artist and designer Jirka Väätäinen’s series of “Real Life” Disney Princes we see this for certain.

Any dreamy prince charming created by Disney is hard to match up to, but Väätäinen stayed as true as possible to original characters in order to make sure they look completely believable.

It looks like a model posing for a picture, but really it’s Väätäinen’s talents for combining digital compositing, photo manipulation and digital printing to create what looks like the real-life version of cartoon characters.

The Melbourne-based designer has also created a series for “Real Life” Disney Girls too, which you can see on his website.

For now have fun drooling over these “Real Life” Disney Princes.



ika (pronounced Yerka) has earned a lot of widespread attention for his “Real Life” Disney characters.

The artist has a number of talents including graphic design, illustration, photo manipulation and art direction.

Prince Charming, Cinderella




These images are in no way affiliated with the actual Disney Corporation, although if any bigwigs over at Disney see his creations they might be calling the artist up someday soon to collaborate– after all, his work is pretty impressive!

Jon Smith, Pocahontas


Prince Phillip, Sleeping Beauty


Prince Eric, The Little Mermaid




Prince Adam, Beauty And The Beast


Photo Credits: jirkavinse.com