People Are Begging For A Reality TV Show That Follows Flat Earthers As They Search For The Edge Of The World

Conspiracy theories are fun – even the ones that seem completely bogus and ridiculous have an air of mystery about them that makes you think a little deeper about the truths we take for granted.

One of these theories, the ‘Flat Earth’ theory, has gained a lot of attention recently, sparking demand for a reality TV show that follows believers of the conspiracy theory as they try and prove the earth is not round.

“Flat-Earthers” believe that the earth is flat – not the beautiful round orb we are taught about from our earliest years. In addition, they believe NASA is on a mission to hide the truth from us all.

What about those stunning images of Earth from space, the ones that show what appears to be a clearly round object dotted in land, water, and bright lights? Flat-Earthers believe these images are as fake as the organization behind them.


Sure, it may seem a bit backwards to assume the Earth is flat. After all, science has told us the Earth is round since the days of the ancient Greeks.

Way back when, a Greek geographer by the name of Eratosthenes conducted an experiment based on the observed angle of the sun from different locations to calculate Earth’s circumference.

Although, according to Big Think:

“Amidst all the fake news, misinformation sponsored by governments, and the explosion of conspiracy theories that bombard us daily, it’s no surprise that there seems to be a growing number of Flat-Earthers. After all, once you start doubting reality and the solidity of the institutions around you, being unsure whether the Earth is flat or round seems almost warranted.”

Flat-Earthers often point to the Bible as a source of their proof, in particular a section that discusses a massive tree that can supposedly be seen from every corner on Earth, even at its “farthest bounds.”

In addition, most Flat-Earthers believe that gravity is a made-up notion that doesn’t exist. They also think a 150-foot wall of ice encases the outer rim of Earth.

This icy wall is said to be guarded by NASA who is more focused on hiding reality from us regular people than they are with space travel.

Flat-Earthers believe that space travel is entirely fake (what does Howard Walowitz think of this?!) and that NASA is an embezzlement front.


If you’re thinking this is totally insane, you might be shocked to know that a recent survey (taken in 2018) found a whopping 1/3 of young millennials (ages 18-24) are willing to entertain the idea that the Earth is not round.

That’s not to say one-third of younger generations believe the Earth is actually flat, but they are willing to imagine the possibility.

Although, 5% of respondents said they always thought the world was flat, and 9% said they always believed the Earth was round but have recently started to doubt this idea.

In 2017, the first ever Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC) was held in North Carolina with 500 people in attendance. The conference was put on by Kryptoz Media.

The biggest names in the flat earth community were there including Darryle Marble – the man who took a level on a plane to show the Earth doesn’t curve.

Mark Sargent, the creator of the Flat Earth Clues YouTube series, was also in attendance. Sargent believes we are living in a dome-like structure similar to what’s portrayed in the classic film “Truman Show.”


There are numerous blogs, videos and social media accounts that support some pretty out-there conspiracy theories, and this certainly helps fuel the number of Flat-Earthers out there.

One Redditer called on television producers to create a reality show that follows Flat-Earthers as they embark on a mission around the world trying to prove their ideology. The Internet is loving this idea.

Even if you think there’s no way, no how that the Earth is flat, it would be entertaining to watch people try and prove this theory as they travel the world and become acquainted with new cultures.

Perhaps the world is round but there are different secrets to uncover… and just maybe, a reality show of this nature could help us all discover some lingering truths. Who knows?

So, what do you think… any chance the Earth is flat and everything we think we know is one big lie made up by the Government and its affiliate organizations?