5 Reasons Why Men and Women Fall in Love

Falling in love isn’t different based on gender.

Men and women fall in love the same way; they have the same emotions and the same basic needs that they require from a romantic partner.

That said, people may fall in love at different rates or are drawn to certain qualities that will trigger their love emotion.

No matter the differences, there are some constituent qualities and aspects that make people fall head over heels in love with someone.

Here are 5 reasons why someone falls in love:

1. When they see they make you happy

Nothing makes the feeling of love grow like seeing the joy and happiness you can bring to the one you care about.

If they can see that they make you happy, their feelings will strengthen and deepen because they can connect with you and see that they have a positive impact on your life.

When you care about someone, you want to make them happy.

To see that their attempts to do so are working, makes them love you more.

Some ways you can show that they make you happy is to vocalize your appreciation of the things they do for you that puts a smile on your face.

Let them know you enjoy their company, and that you want to spend time with them.

You don’t have to do a grand gesture to let them know, but a smile and letting them see what their gestures mean to you can go a long way.

2. When you know what you want from a partner

It’s difficult to love someone who doesn’t know who they are or what they want out of a relationship.

How do they know what to give you if you don’t know what you’re looking for?

Part of dating is trying out new things and different types of relationships to find out, but for someone to fall in love with you and have it be lasting you need to know what you’re wanting from your partner and your relationship together.

Knowing what you want doesn’t mean for you to be controlling in your relationship and try to force someone into a mold you’ve created of what your perfect partner would be.

It simply means being open to receiving the love that you want and need in your life and speaking up to let your partner know what they can do to give that to you.

The right person will fall head over heels for you, the wrong person will let you know that they can’t provide that and you’ll both be better off knowing that it wasn’t a good fit.

3. When they feel fulfilled with you

Just as you have your own needs from a partner in a relationship, so do they.

When they feel warm, safe, accepted, respected, and acknowledged/validated they can let their guards down and fall in love.

Those are the fundamentals of any relationship, and when you can make your partner feel this way their love for you will grow and they will want to be with you more and more because you’ve created a loving atmosphere that feels like home where they are free and accepted to be who they are without risk of criticism or feeling like they don’t matter.

4. When you are open to trying

You don’t want to be with someone exactly like you.

While it’s important to have commonalities, interests, and beliefs, having a partner who thinks and likes everything exactly like you do is boring.

Relationships like that tend to feel stale after a while and lose steam.

A partner who has some interests different from your own creates a healthy sense of adventure and perspective.

However, that also means you need to be willing to try new things that your partner introduces you to.

When you can say “yes” to trying something new—especially something new that your partner is passionate about—they will fall even deeper in love with you.

You don’t have to force yourself into liking it or becoming as passionate about it as they are, but just being willing to try it shows that you care about their interests and the things that make them who they are.

When you show you care about that and are willing to learn more to join them in it, they will fall so hard for you.

5. When you have passion

Passion in this context can be misconstrued to mean physical passion, but that’s not what will make someone fall in love with you.

While physical passion plays an important role in most relationships, it is your passion for life and your aspirations that will make someone love you.

When you have things in your life that you are passionate about—whether it’s family, friends, a career, pets, a hobby, travel, learning new languages and cultures, etc.—those passions make up who you are and give you depth as a person.

It’s difficult to love someone who is so shallow that they are barely there, but when you have passions and aspirations in your life you are more than just your relationship and that makes you alluring and difficult not to fall in love with.

There are lots of reasons why someone falls in love, but these common aspects make you irresistible.

The main takeaway is to allow the depth of yourself to be shared and when you do, you give more of yourself to be loved and the right person will fall for you.