25 Of The Best Responses From Brits Reacting To Trump’s Visit With The Queen

One thing is for certain… people in the UK do NOT like Donald Trump. This couldn’t have been made clearer last week when US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited the UK as part of their June 3-5 state visit.

Let’s just say they were not greeted with the warmest of welcomes. Instead, they were met with angry signs that said things like “Impeach Him By the Pussy,” and “Dear Queen Don’t Offer Him The Good Biscuits.”

This isn’t the first time the people of Europe have banded together to protest Trump.

Last year, when the President made his first appearance in the UK, he was met with heated protesters who marched across London and other cities with similar signs highlighting their distaste for the American president.

This year things were no different, making it clear that public opinion has not changed. While some signs were politer than others, most were full of criticism for Trump’s policies and past behaviors.

Check out the best of the best signs and displays below….


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British humor is largely concentrated around “pricking the bubble of people’s unearned self-regard,” writes Nicky Woolf.

“But unlike America (or at least Trump’s America), Britain does not worship fame for fame’s sake. We distrust it, so our instinct is to bring it down with mockery,” Woolf adds.

“The recent phenomenon of milkshaking politicians like the far-right Nigel Farage — itself an evolution of throwing eggs, a storied British tradition — springs from this instinct to ridicule.”


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A quarter of a million people were expected to protest Trump in London on Tuesday.


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Anti-Trump demonstrators flooded Parliament Square, where there was even a massive balloon depicting President Donald Trump as an inflated orange baby. He’s holding a cell phone pre-loaded to Twitter, but of course!


People couldn’t get enough of this sixteen-foot statue of Trump tweeting from the toilet. It even blasted out soundbites that said things like: “no collusion” and “I’m a very stable genius.”


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That’s not to say Trump doesn’t have some fans in the United Kingdom – they are just few and far between. His approval rating in the UK sits at a bleak twenty-one percent.

For comparison, Obama’s approval ratings hovered around seventy-two percent.


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A teenager in the Hertfordshire town of Bishop’s Stortford used a lawn mower to carve out a massive penis beside the words “Oi Trump… climate change is real” into his lawn. The grass clippings were under the direct flight path for planes landing at Stansted Airport.


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“Even the Duchess of Cornwall — Camilla! People hated Camilla! She broke up Charles and Diana! —finally earned Britain’s national respect: All it took was a knowing wink as she passed by the cameras with the Trumps on Monday,” writes Woolf.

Woolf goes on to reference a handful of replies to a viral Twitter video of the moment unfolding – such as: “after nearly 3 decades, I’m ready to accept her!”


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She may have still offered him the good biscuits, but some people are going so far as to suggest that Queen Elizabeth’s brooch choice held subtle, yet complex and deeply insulting subtexts.


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For politicians on Trump’s good side, beware the milkshakes! For instance, Farage, who just won big in the European election, is lying low.

While Boris Johnson turned down an offer to meet with Trump – even after he endorsed his bid for the Conservative Party. It’s just not good business to be seen hanging out with Trump in the UK.


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Nicky Woolf finds a silver lining in all the hate – “it’s refreshing that the U.K. has finally found something that (almost) unites it again: Hating, and mocking, Donald Trump.”


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You have to respect the effort on this one…!



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Even the Handmaids showed up!



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Quite possibly very true…

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