Robin Williams Demanded Every Company He Worked for Hire Homeless People

Late actor and stand-up comedian, Robin Williams was famous for being a good person, no doubt, but a story about one of his numerous almsgivings sprung up recently, and it further strengthened the respect people have for him, even in death.

Just in case anyone needed a reminder of why the late actor was adulated as one of the kindest persons to ever grace Hollywood, the words from former booking agent, Brian Lord, will reinstate that perception.

Brian has taken to his official website to recount his experience with Williams when they tried to seal a deal that eventually didn’t see the light of the day.

In the post, which he described as a ‘little-known story about the late actor, Brian wrote that Williams had laid out terms about hiring homeless people in his rider — a set of demands on which an entertainer’s contract hold.

Credit: Robin Williams Remembered/Facebook

According to Lord, he and Williams had been in negotiations for an event, and after going through Williams’ rider, he was surprised by what he found in there. Williams was all about helping homeless people, and he wasn’t joking around as his rider veered off conventional requirements and, instead, demanded that homeless people are employed in any project he’d be involved in.

“He actually had a requirement that, for every single film or event he was featured in, the company hiring him must include a set number of homeless people and put them to work,” wrote Lord.

William, having gone through the rider, said his perception of all Robin Williams’ movie changed after that.

“I’m sure that he had plans in place to help these poor people with his money and by dedicating time to them, but he had also decided to leverage his fame as an entertainer to compel event planners and production companies to embrace the act of giving people the chance to work their way out of poverty,” Lord added.

Talking about the present Hollywood, he said he is prompted to wonder how many production companies continue to practice this act of philanthropism into their next non-Robin-Williams projects, as well as if less-privileged people were still given a chance to make a living from his actions, even if temporarily.

“He was a great amplifier of his impact. Let’s hope that impact continues to live without him here with us. Thanks, Robin Williams, not just for the laughs, but also for laying down a great example for the entertainment industry to follow,” concluded Lord.

Robin Williams posing as a doctor to entertain a sick child in hospital.
Source: Robin Williams Remembered/Facebook

Meanwhile, this ‘less-known’ story of Williams was cited on Reddit recently, to which one user wrote, “He was a great man. I wish there were more like him. RIP.”

Another Reddit user, who claims to have worked with Williams in a project, ‘What Dreams May Come’, wrote:

“Other A-listers on the project would only clock in and out, but Williams on his own would actually stay with the set all day. He has at one point even taken the security guard’s mother on a personal tour of the sets.

However, the party was cancelled at the last minute due to some budget deficiency.

Suddenly, it came back on, and Williams attended and was even the last to leave, due to him engaging in a friendly conversation with everyone.

Then I read in the National Enquirer that Williams himself had supported the party with a sum of $50,000 but plead anonymity.”

Another Reddit user shares the same sentiments that Williams was a generous person, commenting that the late actor’s spirit and joy ‘literally shaped’ how he sees the world.

Recall that Williams, who died on August 11, 2014, was reported to have committed suicide by hanging in his home at Paradise Cay, California.