Why Everyone Needs A Sagittarius Friend

Friendly, fiery, and great fun to be around – a Sagittarian makes an awesome friend.

Their zest for life and happy-go-lucky outlook will make you smile, even when life gets tough.

Although their honesty can alienate others, their good nature means that they are soon forgiven.

Here’s why everyone needs a special Sagittarian in their lives:

1. They are relentlessly optimistic:

Sagittarians know that there’s always a bright side to every situation.

They will listen patiently when you talk about your problems, but they won’t let you remain down in the dumps for too long.

When you feel hopeless, they will cheer you on.

When you lose sight of your dreams, they will remind you of your goals.

Watch them carefully, and you’ll soon be inspired by their positive outlook.

One of a Sagittarian’s greatest strengths is their resilience.

Absolutely nothing stands in their way.

The more time you spend with them, the more optimistic you will become.

2. They always want your opinion:

Although they are self-assured by nature, Sagittarians are genuinely interested in what other people think.

They know that there’s room in the world for all kinds of perspectives and belief systems, and they are slow to judge.

You can confess your darkest secrets to them, safe in the knowledge that they won’t hold them against you – these people are some of the most loyal in the zodiac.

In their opinion, friends should love one another unconditionally.

Sagittarians believe that a conversation should be a two-way street.

They are naturally gregarious and chatty, but they can hold their tongues long enough to let others air their views.

Their social group will be diverse, full of interesting characters.

When your friend throws a party, you can be assured of an intriguing evening!

3. They always have an interesting story to tell:

Because they are so adventurous, it’s a certainty that your Sagittarian friend will have gotten themselves into some interesting (and dangerous!) situations over the years.

Their anecdotes will make your jaw drop.

They are gifted storytellers with a magnetic sense of humor.

Buy them a couple of drinks, and they’ll keep you entertained all night.

Sagittarians believe in doing their own thing, and their free-spirited ways land them in all kinds of scrapes.

4. If you want to travel, they will be your best buddy:

Most Sagittarians love to travel. They adore being on the open road and experiencing new cultures.

If you’re planning a trip, don’t be surprised if it turns out they’ve already been.

Need a travel companion?

A Sagittarius will jump at the chance.

The more exotic or unusual the situation, the better!

5. They are full of energy:

Whether you want to play frisbee in the park, work out at the gym, or spend a day sightseeing in a big city, you can depend on your Sagittarian friend to keep up.

They won’t complain that their feet are sore.

In fact, you’ll probably be the first to beg for a break.

Sometimes they seem almost superhuman.

An all-night party is no big deal for a Sagittarian.

Along with physical endurance, they also have a lot of mental energy.

If you need someone to help you plan a big event or work through a tricky problem that requires deep thought, call on a Sagittarius.

6. They can be too honest, but they’ll always apologize if they offend you:

Sagittarians are Fire signs, meaning that they sometimes find it hard to remain tactful and patient.

From time to time, they can be too forthcoming with the truth.

Luckily, you’ll soon realize that they are acting with your best interests at heart.

Simply tell them that you feel hurt, and you’ll soon get an apology.

On the plus side, they have a talent for telling you precisely what you need to hear.

Your friend’s advice might not always be palatable, but it will always be sound.

What’s more, when they give you a compliment, you can be certain that it’s genuine.

They don’t believe in mindless flattery.

Sagittarians aren’t perfect – they can be somewhat unreliable when it comes to making plans, and they can make reckless decisions.

However, their insatiable appetite for adventure, good humor, and sincere desire to help their friends and family makes them truly special.

Because they have so many friends, they might sometimes drop off the radar.

The good news is that, once you do get the chance to catch up, it’ll feel as though you never lost contact.

If you have a Sagittarian friend, consider yourself blessed.