She won’t be back

Never Assume A Woman Will Wait For You To Get Your Life In Order, Because You’ll Regret It In The End

If a woman truly loves you, she’ll wait around for months – or even years – for you to get your life together before committing to her, right? Don’t bet on it. Of course, every woman is different, but the majority won’t put their lives on hold for a man. Or, if they do, their patience won’t last forever. If you want to be with a woman, step up and commit to a relationship. Otherwise, you risk losing her.

Strong women have lives of their own

Lots of people seem to believe that they are the center of the universe. Yes, everyone is the leading actor in their own lives, but when you start assuming that someone else will push everything else aside and wait for you, you’ve made a huge mistake.

Confident, emotionally stable women know their own worth. They value their own time and energy, and won’t waste it trying to work out what you’re doing. They don’t want to spend hours analyzing why you’ve taken a step back from the relationship, or whether you’ll ever be ready to commit. They have a life already, and don’t need you to make them feel complete.

No one will hang around forever

You probably know at least one or two women who fell in love with an unrealistic image of what a man could become, rather than who they are in the present.

If a woman has fallen for you, she might give you a few chances to prove yourself as a worthy partner. She might try to convince herself that you will suddenly turn into a better man. She may tell herself that you are worth the wait, even when you treat her badly.

However, no one will wait forever. One day, her patience will run out. By then, it will be too late. You’ll be left alone to think about what you’ve lost. The regret may haunt you for months or years. What’s worse is that replacing her will be difficult, if not impossible. If you find a woman who will stand by your side and stay loyal to you, you’re a fool to let her go.

You may tell everyone that you aren’t hurt, because the “right woman would have waited.” But this isn’t the real story, and you know it. Deep down, men regret letting loving women slip through their fingers.

Even if a woman does wait for you, you’ll lose respect for her

It sounds crazy, but a woman who is willing to put her life on pause while you get your act together will become less desirable over time. Unless you actively prefer submissive women, you probably agree that assertiveness is a positive trait. Therefore, a woman who puts you first all the time will seem less alluring the longer she waits.

It’s a cruel paradox, and it leaves her in a no-win situation. If she walks away, she knows she may lose you forever. On the other hand, if she stays, she’ll become less attractive to you, the man she wants. It’s not fair to put any woman in this position. In time, she will resent you for it.

If you make her wait, you’re giving another man an opportunity to enter her life

On a practical level, giving a woman too much space makes it more likely that she’ll meet someone else. She may meet someone who is available for a relationship right now – and she might choose him over you. After all, why should she wait for a man who doesn’t seem ready to commit, when there’s a great guy right in front of her?

One day, she’ll wake up and realize how badly you treated her

Let’s suppose for a moment that she does wait for you to get your life together. Don’t assume that the story will have a happy ending. Once the initial elation has worn off, she’ll start to dwell on your past behavior. Specifically, she’ll start to wonder whether you ever really respected her.

Eventually, she’ll get mad at you for wasting her time. She may even start to question how much you really love her, and your relationship will be in trouble. Once a woman starts to see the cracks in the foundation of her relationship, it’s hard to calm her fears.

Honesty is always the best policy

If you don’t want a relationship with a woman, then say so. Let her decide for herself whether she wants to wait for you or move on. If you aren’t sure what you want, let her know. Having a woman wait for you can be an ego boost, but leading someone on is cruel. Always act with honor and integrity, even if you need to have a few difficult conversations.