5 Signs That Are Telling You That You’re Meant To Be Single Right Now

There’s a time and a place for the perfect relationship.

The time is when you are in a state of pure self love.

The place is when you have settled into life and are happy.

Without this intersection of time and place, we tend to get into relationships with people who aren’t meant for us.

We choose to be with somebody who doesn’t completely fulfill us or make us happy. We stay with them because we become comfortable.

The thought of taking what love this relationship does give us away sounds painful.

If you are ready to give up on these not-the-one relationships, you need to create the perfect time and place for your soulmate to come in.

You must become an expert at self love and fall head over heels in love with the life you are living.

Your soulmate will follow.

If you don’t feel like you are in this time and place, it might be fate that you stay single for a little longer.

Here are the five signs that you are meant to be single and what you can do to level yourself up to increase the chances of meeting your soulmate.

1. You don’t feel 100% confident.

Most people mistake their other half as the person who should provide them with confidence.

They expect their partner’s compliments to make them thrive and boost their moral. This is not true.

Your confidence does not come from the outside, it comes from within.

To create a constant state of confidence and become a person who truly believes in their abilities, you have to be the one giving that confidence to yourself.

What can you do to level up?

Start telling yourself how awesome you are.

I understand this can sound weird at first, but this should become a social norm.

Every morning write five things you are grateful to yourself for. Show yourself that in fact, you are amazing.

These daily affirmations will prove to you that you are doing much more than you are giving yourself credit for.

The confidence will grow, like a planted seed, within you until one day you become the person who’s confidence attracts even the most successful people.

2. You don’t like the city you live in or your job.

It’s obvious that an unhappy person tends to have a harder time finding a relationship.

What makes somebody happy?

A happy person is happy with their choices.

If they are unhappy, they leave that situation and find an upgrade.

Somebody who doesn’t love the place they live or their job is not an ideal companion.

They aren’t a person who can help somebody else grow and they have potential to bring their partner down.

What can you do to level up?

Make some changes.

As the saying goes, “Nothing changes, if nothing changes.”

If you want to change your life you have to make the hard, uncomfortable decisions that will lead you to a happier lifestyle.

If you don’t like the city you live in, start to research other places that would interest you.

If you don’t like your job, start to work on figuring out your passion and how you could create a career out of it.

Surround yourself with positive energy instead of negative energy.

You never know who is waiting to meet you at your new office or on the train in your new city.

3. You don’t have a self love practice.

If you don’t love yourself, your relationship can become dangerous territory.

If we expect somebody else to give us the love we are supposed to give to ourselves, we feel unhealthily attached to people.

If they leave, we feel as if we have nothing.

On the other hand somebody with a self love practice that doesn’t need somebody else to fill their cup, can create a very healthy relationship.

The other person helps them to grow instead of being the sole reason for their growth.

What can you do to level up?

Find your self love practice.

For everybody, this is different.

Some people thrive from watching the sunset, going to the gym regularly, watching reruns of their favorite shows or solo traveling.

Each person gives self love to themselves in a different manner.

Experiment with what makes you the happiest by trying something new each day.

Find the self love practice that brings the light out in you and in turns attracts somebody with the same beautiful, healthy light back to you.

4. You are bored.

This comes from the same space as not enjoying where you live, your job and not having self love.

If you don’t have a habit of creating happiness in your life, you tend to get bored.

Your life isn’t exciting because you’re not making it exciting.

If you’re bored, it’s not time to bring somebody else into your life to make it exciting.

You have to make yourself that person.

What can you do to level up?

Start doing things differently.

Try new work out classes, new restaurants, bars, anything that you’ve never done before, go and do it.

What happens when you do different things?

Your life becomes different.

Things become more exciting, the unknown is a prevalent part of your life and you never fully know where the day or night will take you.

You will be in new places and so meet the other people who are in those places, doing exciting things as well.

You’ll meet a person on the same level as you and be able to create an exciting life from it.

5. You are looking for your soulmate.

Every person you meet immediately sparks the idea within your mind, “Is this the one?”.

If you’re in this mentality you’re not ready to find your soulmate.

There’s more inner work that needs to be done in order to attract the partner that you need.

What kind of inner work is this?

Confidence, happiness, self love and creating excitement within your life is where it begins.

A full dive into what you envision as your dream lifestyle is the next step.

What can you do to level up?

Ask yourself the hard questions.

What kind of life would bring the most happiness?

What kind of person would I like to be around?

Where would I meet a person like this?

If you feel attracted to a particular lifestyle, you want to surround yourself by it.

Live as those people live and step into the full potential of who you are.

This is where your life levels up and the person of your dreams finds their way to you.

If you want to find your soulmate, you have to find the perfect time and place to meet them.

You don’t want to meet somebody at your lowest point and lean on them to bring you back up.

You want to find a person who will meet you while you’re thriving and push you even farther into growth personally, in your career and relationships.

Call it quits on mediocre relationships and put your focus on yourself.

What do you have to do to make yourself the person who meets the expectations of your soul mate?