31 Sneaky Ninja Cats That Have Mastered The Ancient Art of Ninjutsu

Today we bring you 30 ninja cats that have mastered the art of being sneaky and hiding in all the right places.

Cats are always ready to launch and attack, in fact they are four-legged ninjas capable of mass destruction if provoked by the wrong dog, person or any creature—living or squeak toy.

These hilarious photos prove cats don’t just have nine lives;

they are equipped with the power to save their own skin time and time again, all they have to do is ignite their ninja powers from within!

1. Every cat’s favorite place to hide out… a shopping bag


Photo Credit: imgur.com

2. Scaling buildings in true ninja fashion


Photo Credit: roflhard.blogspot.com

3. He might smell the kitty, but he can’t see the kitty…


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4. White walls, white ceiling, white door, tricky white cat


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5. Blending into the curtains like a true phantom cat


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6. This cat hides like a dog!


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7. Don’t mind if I help myself…

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8. Taking down the big dogs for breakfast


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9. Clearly, a lot of cats know how to get up here!


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10. Which pull out drawer is kitty hiding behind!?


Photo Credit: kbassett

11. Cat clogging your sink?

At first glimpse it looks the sink is simply full of bubbles… and then you see those sneaky little eyes.


Photo Credit: imgur

12. Three kitties all hiding in a row

They may look sweet and innocent but three small cats are equal to three fierce ninjas!


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13. This is how the sneaky ones use a pool table, as a place to hide and stake out an attack


Photo Credit: Ball 8

14. Light fixture, don’t fail me now


Photo Credit: godofleet

15. The most fashionable place to causally hang out


Photo Credit: unknown

16. Count how many seconds it takes you to find this wildly discreet feline!


Photo Credit: tassafrass

17. Quite the climber!


Photo Credit: Celine Townsend

18. Blending in with the stuffed animals like a pro


Photo Credit: octoberwild

19. Trying to hide at the vet’s left this guy with very few options

A brave place to hide considering cats hate water.


Photo Credit: berlin_a

20. Muhahaha, I’m always watching you


Photo Credit: imgur

21. Tucked inside the Christmas tree


Photo Credit: Teresa Brevini

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22. The perfect peephole makes watching the enemy much easier


Photo Credit: Kasia Szyszko

23. No one even knows this cat is in the room

Totally random but, I have to mention that unique coffee table with the seashells placed throughout the sand–pretty neat idea!


Photo Credit: imgur

24. Going all black belt on your hiney


Photo Credit: Jerry Lee

25. Perhaps you should rethink bedding that is the same color as your cat


Photo Credit: mirellakraw

26. The local fish bandit has mad jumping skills

Who needs to fish when someone will do it for you?


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27. Mesmerizing kitty eyes can catch anyone off guard


Photo Credit: Deadly_Dreamer

28. Help, help, my plan backfired!

All of the trickery cats are constantly up to does get them into some trouble from time to time. No need to worry though, that’s where the nine-lives come in handy!


Photo Credit: Alisa Stephens

29. You wouldn’t even notice the cat if we didn’t tell you he was there

Not going to lie, I looked in the little black box first.


Photo Credit: Lucia Kajankova

30. Hiding from the dog like a champ


Photo Credit: crinoleum

31. Weee!!! Baby ninja getting an early start at a long career in ninjutsu


Photo Credit: Rūta Dambrauskaitė